dcc69 23:53 07 Apr 2004

I am soon to be buying a new PC case and modding it and once done transfering my pc from one case to the other(which im already pooping my pants over:S), but I thought if Im gonna be brave enough to go inside the thing I would like to upgrade my DDR RAM aswell. But I have heard that you can only get certain RAM depending on existing RAM and the type of Motherboard, is this true? If so how do I find out specifically what type of ram I have and what type I can put in? As far as I know I have a jetway kt400 series motherboard(it has V400DB/V400DBL/V400ADB/V400ADBL on the manual if this helps to target it specifically).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

PS.Would it be as simple as connecting everything to how it was before when swapping everything over, if I did it correctly?

  SANTOS7 00:05 08 Apr 2004

click here Main Memory:
3x 184-pin DDR DIMM slots for 3GB max. system memory
Mem. Type:
Unbuffered Non-ECC PC3200/2700/2100 (DDR400/333/266) the memory shown is from the link hope this is helpfull

  Indigo 1 00:22 08 Apr 2004

First download and run Aida32 from click here this will tell you more about your motherboard and RAM then got to click here to see what they recommend.

Armed with this information search click here or click here or your favourite suplier for a better price.

  CHRISBORTH 00:26 08 Apr 2004

Click here click here go through their step by step process and you can't go wrong.

  dcc69 00:27 08 Apr 2004

Problem is my PC has no manufacturer because it was custom built.

  Indigo 1 00:28 08 Apr 2004

Just wanted to add that changing RAM sticks is not hard at all, there are plenty of guides available if your are nervous, click here and dive in.

  Indigo 1 00:29 08 Apr 2004

Don't need to know manufacturer Aida32 will give all the info required (and more).

  CHRISBORTH 00:29 08 Apr 2004

looks as if indigo 1 may know a cheaper way of buying the memory

  dcc69 00:32 08 Apr 2004

That programme is really good indigo.

I have a Jetway Polaris 400/V400DA/V400AP/V400DAZ motherboard and 512MB PC2700 DDR SDRAM.

SO what does this give me a choice of?!?:S

  Indigo 1 16:40 08 Apr 2004

You will want to match the specifications, ie. PC2700 and DDR SDRAM. No point in trying different modules as it can lead to instability.

Thats it.

512Mb should be fine on it's own, but I personally use 1024Mb just for that bit extra ooomph.

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