'oppy 16:30 22 Feb 2003

Couple of questions regarding my matsonic motherboard......
click here Am I tied to the graphics card that my mobo suggests? At present I have a nvidia riva tnt 64/64 32 mb card, but would like to upgrade, as it struggles a bit on a couple of sims I have, (flt sim 2002 and combat flt sim 3). I have tried the radeon 8500le 128 mb, and the mx 400 64 mb, had to send both back, ( so I was charged for handling). After playing for a little while, they were locking my system, and honestly speaking, the graphics/frame rates werent much better. I have seen many adverts,"Uprade your graphics for better performance" "Upgrade to this card" for, this that and the other, so Im a bit comfused as what to do.
The other question... theres a diagram on the website click here about usb 2.0, I dont fully understand, does it mean I can change the jumpers/wires and I'll have usb 2.0 on my system? (I do have usb 1.1)
My Set-up...amd athlon 1600+ ms XP home 512 Ram 38 gb HD

  AndySD 16:59 22 Feb 2003

When you installed the cards did you set the Primary Graphics Adapter to AGP

"From the MoBo Manual

Primary Graphics

This item indicates if the primary graphics adapter uses the PCI or the AGP bus. The default PCI setting still lets the onboard display work and allows the use of a second display card installed in a PCI slot."

Did you also try any other drivers than the ones on the cd supplied?

  'oppy 17:07 22 Feb 2003

Yes I did all that, I even took my puter into my local shop, and they couldnt get the radeon to work, so they fitted the mx for me, still no joy, they couldnt understand why, so they put my original card back in.

  AndySD 17:33 22 Feb 2003

Then it may be that its just the MoBo that cant accept the newer cards or it could be your power suply isnt high enough. The newer cards will need arround a 300W unit.

There is an sis AGP driver for the board click here

Also I dont believe you have USB 2 the diagra you are looking at is to add 2 extra usb slots to the computer.

  'oppy 20:21 22 Feb 2003

Andysd, been to the site, a different one to the one I have,(but same name)
click here but Ive downloaded the AGP driver from the site you gave me, and thanks for the info on the usb.Ive also found and looked at this site click here which looks as if it has the same mobo board as the Matsonic. Has pcchips/matsonic intergrated with each other? Confusing isnt it! :(

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