MoBo Voltages and PSU query!!!

  LucasJB 19:10 22 Sep 2008

Asus P5N-T Deluxe nForce 780i SLI LGA775

Recently bought the above motherboard and one of the Tagan pipeworks 900W PSU's. I built my machine, had bios once, and never again, found out i then had a faulty mobo and dead cpu and have returned them. Getting replacements soon. I just want to know if it could have been the PSU which blew my mobo and killed my cpu? Can too much power do this? Trouble is, my graphics card (9800GTX - BFG) reccomends 850W+ , a little red led comes on if theres not enough, so much i have to use two cables.

  citadel 19:17 22 Sep 2008

tagan psu is good, the pc only uses the power required so if it draws 500w thats all the psu will deliver even if its a 1000w psu.

  LucasJB 19:32 22 Sep 2008

ah cheers so the only way the psu wouldve blown it was if the psu was faulty, which it isnt as we checked in a fronts pc (risky idea!)

  [email protected] 20:29 22 Sep 2008

asus motherboards overvolt phenoms quite severely atm. a bios update is needed for most motherboards, otherwise don't worry.

  LucasJB 10:56 23 Sep 2008

i'm not using a phenom, sorry, forgot to state, im just using a E8400 duo.

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