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  andywolve 16:56 12 May 2004

Hello PcAdvisor's readers..
I have been wanting to upgrade my computer as its become to a slow, old computer (like usual) and im wanting to give a bit of life back in.
I have windows XP Home, which came with my current computer, if i upgraded to A7N8X-E Deluxe motherboard, with a new graphics card (Geforce FX5600 256MB DDR AGP RP DVI VO (seen on Dabs quicklinx 2HZJWS))and also got a new hard disk (Maxtor MaXLine Plus II 250gb 7200rpm 8mb Cache IDE-Ultra/133) i want to keep my other components (apart from my pc tower) 256mb PC2100 RAM, Audigy 2 Sound Card, optical disk readers, 2000+ AMD XP processor. Would ALL components work, if not can you please recommend any component to replace, also i am open to suggestions, i have a budget of £250 (please note i am a novice on pc cases)
Thanks in advance

  Diodorus Siculus 16:59 12 May 2004

What you suggest might well work - another option might be to have a look at novatech for their bundles wherein you get a mobo, processor, heatsink and RAM all together and ready to work.

click here

  Diodorus Siculus 17:01 12 May 2004

Sorry, just reread. Do you mean to keep the processor you have? If so, there will be little noticeable difference. New processors and more RAM are what makes the real difference.

Mind you, with what you have, a reinstall and configuration of windows could give you a good boost too.

  andywolve 17:43 12 May 2004

thanks, yeah, im keeping my old processor, until i can afford on jumping up to the near - new processors, and RAM.

Thanks once again

  Arthur Scrimshaw 18:40 12 May 2004

Might be better to wait on the mobo - you may want to go down the AMD64 route when you come to upgrade, which would make the ASUS A7N8X-E redundant. I guess from what you are saying that the graphics card is the current bottleneck in your system (you don't give us the details) so installing this will give you the biggest boost -the rest is really not going to make much difference as Diodorus Siculus points out.
Unless you don't have an AGP slot on your current mobo.....
Also, are you sure you need a 250Gb hard disk? it's tempting to go for big but that's extreme!

  Diodorus Siculus 20:18 12 May 2004

250GB hdd? I would suggest 2 x 120 or so - better security in that setup.

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