Mobo and Processor support

  Phil930 23:20 03 Jan 2003
  Phil930 23:20 03 Jan 2003

I am thinking about upgrading my processor. my current system is as follows....

Athlon 1400, 512 pc2100 DDR, Chaintech 7KJD mobo, two harddrives, GF4 ti 4600.

anyway, i am thinking of either the athlon XP 2200 or 2400. the problem is i don't know if my mobo will support the latter. the last BIOS i downloaded said support for the XP 2100 and XP 2200 was now there. however, when checking for BIOS updates its all changed.

the BIOS i did download is no longer there! However there is an older BIOS that states 'Athlon XP support'. therefore, will the XP2400 plug in and play?? i am certain the XP2200 will, but i will take all the power i can get!

i don't want to change my mobo as i would then be inclined to do RAM etc. the XP 2400 will push my mobo to its limit as this was AMD's last processor with an FSB of 266!!

so, any help please!!!

  howard60 07:30 04 Jan 2003

that should not be a problem and I would guess that as most mobo's these days will automatically accept the cpu that is put into it [assuming it is the correct type] I would put it in and see what it says. I would suggest that you ask the supplier to guarantee that the chip you choose is compatible with that mobo and if not they will exchange it.

  goonerbill 10:16 04 Jan 2003

just looked at chaintechs web site and it appears that the latest bios update should support the 2400xp, but as you said its not all that clear. before going ahead with ya upgrade, try emailing chaintech with ya query and see if you can get a confermation that ya mobo will take the chip.

good luck

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