mobo problems

  User-606B0643-FD10-4834-B66D22F09D5D5ABB 17:10 05 Jun 2008

after receiving advice from various people, i purchased a mobo, cpu and ram package, consisting of a AMD 64 4200 X2 processor, ECS geforce 6100-SM-M2 motherboard, and 1GB DDR2 667MHz memory. due to issues with money, i decided i would try to fit it myself. i have a 400watt psu, 80gb hdd, dvdrw drive an a 128mb graphics card. i believe i have connected everything up correctly, but when i switch on, all i get is a flicker of life, and then nothing. does anyone know what i am doing wrong? thanks

  rossgolf 17:34 05 Jun 2008

check every thing is cnnected properly inc. power to motherboard.

are the drives spinning?

i literally get a flash of life, a split second, then nothing. i have tried disconnected everything just so there is power to the motherboard, but still no joy.

the fan tries to start spinning on the cpu, and the light inside my case flashes on.

  wis 19:23 05 Jun 2008

i would go back to basics
just connect mboard remember 2 sockets
case fan ,front case connections
on power up all fans should run, 3 in total

  wis 19:24 05 Jun 2008

sorry if big graghics card 4

ive tried that, but i got confused with the front panel connections.....which colours are neg and pos? are all the whites neg, and the colurs pos? someone has said i might have blown my psu cos it aint powerful enough?

  wis 20:58 05 Jun 2008

no psu ok
front panel header
hard drive pins 1 -3
power sleep/message waiting led 2-4
reset 5-7
power 6-8
as i said back to basics if not work 1 at a time
turn 180 try again

my power is in the right pins because it is the only place where i get any life. do i need all pins in for it to power up? the burst of power happens every time i try and switch on, so i know it hasnt blow the fuse in the psu. do you think the psu is not powerful enough? or could it be the mobo?

  crosstrainer 07:38 06 Jun 2008

Your problem is definetly down to those little connectors....They are not right. Check power switch and reset ones first...trying them the other way will cause no damage to your new kit.

Ive tried the connectors in every possible configuration and i still get nothing, im returning the mobo to the seller as i have checked the PSU in another machine and it works fine.

Thanks for all your help with this its really driven me mad!

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