Mobo + memory query

  [email protected] 16:27 09 Dec 2004

Win98/mobo SiS5600. My mates PC needs more memory. I have learned from BELARC that the mobo has 3 slots, but Crucial can't help as the PC is a hyprid and as such the "find what you need" is unable to be completed - [no makers name] - I have been to SiS but the mobo is old and discontinued so no information there. What I want to know is the type and how much more memory can be installed [less than 100m currently]. Another question: each time his PC is booted up we have a window "Navapw32 - This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. If the problem persists, contact the program vendor"...What should be done about this. Thanks in advance

  Kegger 16:37 09 Dec 2004

have you checked the memory that is in the PC? that should have writing on it describing what type / speed / size and then use compatible. the second part is Norton antivirus software failing to start... proberly need to re-install NAV

  [email protected] 16:53 09 Dec 2004

Hi Kegger. I havent opened the PC yet as I was hoping to avoid doing so at the moment but perhaps I will have to. From Belarc, memory was 32mb [somewhere but not in a slot!] and 64mb in one of the 3 slots. The NAV thing is confirmed as when I was online with his machine this afternoon I was warned that the auto-update for his NAV had failed, so that also needs attention.
Thanks for you guidance. :-)

  Kegger 17:00 09 Dec 2004

Wotbus, i am guessing here but the standard for the age is either PC66 or PC100 mem, i would look to purchase PC100 as it should still work as it will drop back to PC66 speed. good luck Kegger

  smudge101 17:15 09 Dec 2004

Everest Home edition click here

Should tell you the type of memory fitted to the computer.

  dan 11 17:19 09 Dec 2004

The sis 5600 is the chipset on the motherboard and not the actual model of the here

If you can get the make and model of the motherboard then it should be easy to determine how much ram it can take. You could download everest home click here

Then look at the motherboard / motherboard / motherboard here

  [email protected] 17:27 09 Dec 2004

Hi everyone and thanks for you help. I will pop round tomorrow and get Everest on his machine [I have it on mine but Belarc was the only name which sprung to mind in the crisis of it all [I was there because his PC had crashed and lost some email]. On the road to recovery now, thanks a lot everyone.

  [email protected] 16:31 14 Dec 2004

Mobo is PCChips M747BX-Pro [so old I am unable to find out anything about it other than it has 3 slots and will take a max of 768mb of memory]. Everest and the Crucial "scanner" is unable to tell me anything about the memory installed, so I will have to do that physically.Everest is able to tell me it would be a good idea to fit more memory and a faster CPU, but I think I knew that before I took on the job! The CPU is a rather sluggish Intel CeleronA 300hz [described as a rather wishy washy product which had a short production life!]. So where are we now: Old Mobo, slow CPU, hardly any memory. Hundred dollar question, what to do? [1] Cost effective to upgrade? and how do I find out which [if any] better CPU I can fit. I have seen mobo "bundles" adertised, would this be the way to go? and do you just slot in a "new bundle" of the same physical size [mini or micro - not sure which]? The system is Win98 and the PC appears to be a bitza. Apologies to anyone out there who is running Win98 with 96mb of memory on a clockwork CPU - but it just aint good enough ;-)

  dan 11 17:46 14 Dec 2004

The M747 BX-Pro will take a maximum of 3 X 128 dimms ( 100Mhz sdram). So 384Mhz max.

The maximum cpu you can install is a 533Mhz
pentium 11.

The motherboard is ATX format and has onboard vga as well as onboard sound.

It should have 3 pci slots and 2 isa.

If you could find a cpu to fit and were prepared to spend just short of £90 for 3 sticks of PC100. I doubt if the whole base unit would be worth more than £25.

Theres no doubt that given the best cpu and the maximum amount of ram the board could take , windows 98 would perform reasonably. But for that outlay you could get a modern up to date board with a cheap cpu.

  [email protected] 17:52 14 Dec 2004

Hi dan 11. Thanks for the tips/gen. So the only real way up is to look for a new board/cpu/memory [they do come complete do they?] and slot it in. Last question, is it that easy? and does it matter the new make of mobo?

  [email protected] 17:54 14 Dec 2004

PS I have an old graphics and sound card I could donate to the end product...

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