MOBO Install

  duplo 18:22 09 Jan 2003
  duplo 18:22 09 Jan 2003


I have just recived a new Mobo and new case. I have never installed a motherboard from scratch as I have only ever upgraded, never built from scratch.

I know there should be spacers between the MoBo and backplate- they all seem to be metal. Is that right? I assume the objective is keep the main chip set free of contact with the back plate so it should be. just want to cheack.

Are there any web sites which will tell me how to do it? I am faily sure I am Ok, but since it is my Dad's Machine I would rather arm myself with some writings!

thanks in advance!

  Paul2002 18:26 09 Jan 2003

Yes the mobo spacers are metal, check the mobo manual for there propper locations on the mobo.

  duplo 18:28 09 Jan 2003

er... there is no manual... it was one of those "sink tested" systems.

er... is it obviouse which ones?

  jimv7 18:32 09 Jan 2003

Srop the mobe into the case and use a felt tipped pen to mark the holes through the mobo onto the case.

  jimv7 18:33 09 Jan 2003

DROP. fingers again.. lol

  duplo 18:39 09 Jan 2003


Any one know of any web sites?


  Longnose 18:41 09 Jan 2003

Scratch around (old pc's etc) for plastic clips that you can use where you have a hole in the mobo that doesn't correspond to a hole on the back plate. This will help stiffen the mobo to reduce bending when insert components etc.

  duplo 18:45 09 Jan 2003

I think I cna deal with it!

I am off now... if there are any other ideas let me know! Ill be back tomorrow!

Thanks everyone!

  Elrond 18:58 09 Jan 2003
  Elrond 18:59 09 Jan 2003

Sorry that link don't seem to work. I'm sure it's what i used when i built mine. Maybe someone else knows what site i mean.

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