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  [email protected] 11:11 07 Jan 2006

Can anyone help with a site other than Crucial, where one can surf to find out the complete specs of a mobo; or someone out there may be able to help if they are running a Compaq Deskpro EN with Pentium IIIE (733Mhz) with Intel Solano i815E chipset. I am trying to find out the max memory it will take and will it take a CPU upgrade. It has 3 memory slots and is fitted with 1 module 128Mb. Crucial is unable to identify the mobo. Thanks.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:23 07 Jan 2006

click here

Try this one; it should ID the mobo and from there you can check with the manufacturer site.

  [email protected] 11:38 07 Jan 2006

Hi Diodorus Siculus. I used Everest to identify the mobo but the site doesn't appear appear to go back far enough for the info I want (this PC/mobo is quite old).

  [email protected] 11:47 07 Jan 2006

Sorry, I should have said "the manufactureres site doesn't" etc

  [email protected] 12:03 07 Jan 2006

I have managed to identify the mobo to Intel SL45Z if anyone is using one?

  [DELETED] 12:04 07 Jan 2006

Chances are that the meemory is of a type no longer in general use and there not readily available- hence
no joy from Crucial.
Have checked the Compaq[now HP i beleive] site?
The alternative is a computer fair or a local computer breaker

  [email protected] 12:07 07 Jan 2006

Hi jack (no pun intended ;-0 ). I reckon you are right there. Perhaps a new mobo bundle would upgrade OK. Thanks for the feedback all.

  [DELETED] 12:08 07 Jan 2006

I doubt very much whether you would be able to upgrade the CPU. I would think the memory you have at the moment is PC133 SDRAM. Take the memory stick out and see what it is. If you are on Win 98SE then anything over 512mb won't make much difference. You may also find that you need to install the same size memory in all slots. Sometimes having mixed memory sizes doesn't work.

Does this help at all? click here

  [email protected] 13:17 07 Jan 2006

Thanks pj123. The memory fitted is PC100 and the system is XP Pro (I know, bit of a mis-match. The PC was bought 2nd hand, very old, naff spec but with XP Pro fitted to make it look nice. The spec is not even up to XP in my opinion and I was wondering if I could improve it a bit - it's for a friend). Sometimes cheaper is not always better ;-)

  [DELETED] 13:45 07 Jan 2006

PC100 ram would be fairly difficult to find now but PC133 would work, but at the slower speed.

You're right. XP needs at least 512mb to run effectively. I don't think it would be cost effective though.

Maybe now is the time to start looking at a complete new system. It could work out cheaper in the end than trying to upgrade what you have.

Check out here: click here

Be aware none of these Systems or Bundles come with a Monitor or Operating System installed.

  [email protected] 10:57 08 Jan 2006

Probably right pj123, and thanks for the link. Cheers.

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