Mobo, and hard drives what goes?

  Eveready Bunny 16:55 01 Dec 2004

I need to upgrade my hard drive, preferably to the highest possible size, but im not sure what my pc can take. My mobo is an asus a7n8x-x, i have looked up the technical specs but when i look at hard drives they seem to mention ata, what is this? My mobo manual only mentions ultradma which i can go up to 133. I have no idea what my mobo can take, and i dont want to buy a useless hd and have to take it back.

  Dorsai 17:22 01 Dec 2004

UDMA and ATA are (confusingly) two different names for the same thing. So if you buy an ATA 133 hard disk it should work on your UDMA 133 board. The only thing i cant help with is the maximum size of disk that you can successfully use, but this should also be mentioned in the board manual somwhere.

  Tog_ 17:32 01 Dec 2004

You want an IDE type drive, don't worry about ATA unless it says SERIAL ATA or SATA
Here's some example drives click here

You can see the top one is IDE ATA133, you'll also see ATA 100 which will also work but is allegedly slower. The times shown in milliseconds are the access times, the lower the better. The cache size is usually, the bigger the better.

  Eveready Bunny 12:32 03 Dec 2004

Ok i have found a hard drive im interested in but it says p-ata, should i just stick to ones that just say ata?

  TomJerry 13:03 03 Dec 2004

ata can be s (s-ata) and p (p-ata)

  TomJerry 13:09 03 Dec 2004

if you want disk bigger than 137GB.

you motherboard should support large drive, if it does not, you should be able to find bios flash from asus's web site to upgrade it

  woodchip 13:11 03 Dec 2004

Why not get a Externel, I fitted a 200Gb in a case I got for £22 from computer fair with drivers

  Eveready Bunny 12:01 05 Dec 2004

thanks everyone

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