mobo driver install after reformat

  pookie 09:36 15 Aug 2003


Windows xp home (upgrade from 98se), ecs k7 s5a mobo (sis), 768 pc2100 ddr ram, 9700 pro graphics, creative 4.1 soundcard and 2.4 athlon xp.

Doing format/install of xp tonight. i put in my mobo driver disk last night just to see what was on it as it's been some time since i used it. options were lan driver(don't need), on board sound driver (don't need as I have a creative card) and agp driver. Now i have a download of the latest sis 735 agp driver so after reinstall do i just install the lastest sis agp driver or do i need to install the old agp driver first and then put the new one on top. If i just have to install the new sis agp driver (and ignore the old one) then is it the case that i don't need to install any drivers directly from the mobo driver cd?

Many thanks


  pookie 10:32 15 Aug 2003

bump :-)

  Megatyte 10:37 15 Aug 2003

Just install your new AGP driver. You may need to install the LAN driver just to please windoze.


  Megatyte 10:39 15 Aug 2003

That's providing that the disk contains XP/2000 drivers for the LAN :-)


  pookie 10:43 15 Aug 2003

thanks for replies - no actual mobo disk only had driver support to 98 i think.


  woodchip 11:00 15 Aug 2003

You have to load the EIDE drivers from the CD For Hard Drive Controllers

  Megatyte 11:03 15 Aug 2003

aren't the eide drivers on the XP disk?


  woodchip 11:08 15 Aug 2003

They do put generic drivers on Win OS disc's but it is better with the correct drivers loaded

  pookie 12:58 15 Aug 2003

thanks for replies

any other comments/advise before i go home and reformat?


  Megatyte 14:06 15 Aug 2003

Make sure that you have all the relevant XP drivers for your hardware(don't forget the modem). If you have trouble finding XP drivers then use Win2000 drivers.


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