MOBO + CPU upgrade - Help needed

  BEV 22:16 25 Sep 2004

I have upgrade my PC as follows
Shuttle AK39N MOBO + Athlon XP3000 + Barton socket A + 9600 256MB Radeon AGP card + 512 MB PC 3200 DDR400 memory.
Connected everthing up including Hard drive with XP loaded from prev machine.
When starts up sounds as if it's running OK can hear HD running and fans OK etc but no output to monitor. If I unplug monitor cable message appears on monitor saying NO OUTPUT so monitor OK.
In MOBO manuel it says for first time boot up, insert a bootable floppy disk which contains FDISK + Format utilities into the FDD. Is this what I need? and will I need to format hard disk?
Can anyone help?

  paddyjack 22:23 25 Sep 2004

are you geting the post screen?
do you get any beeps?

  Sion 23:37 25 Sep 2004

My friends had this problem, as have I before. When upgrading your motherboard, you should compeltely reinstall windows, as I have found XP does not like to work with a new motherboard. I would format the drive and completely reinstall windows (if u can, you may haev information on the hard drive you want to keep).

  goonerbill © ® 08:41 26 Sep 2004

Your new mobo must have a different chipset to your old mobo and this is the problem. You will need to do a complete reinstall of windows.

if you have any important files that you need put your hard drive in another pc as a slave and copy the files over.

  BEV 18:03 26 Sep 2004

If I start PC up with windows XP disk in nothing appears on screen so I can format the HD. Do I need to format HD as slave in another pc!

I do not get the post screen or any beeps?

  goonerbill © ® 19:28 29 Sep 2004

If you are not getting anything on boot up, it sounds as if the computer is looking for drivers/files on your hard drive but is not finding them as you haven't loaded them yet.

yes, best thing to do is format the drive in another pc and then re-install XP.

  keith-236785 19:47 29 Sep 2004

the first thing on boot up is the bios check which displays on the screen. it has nothing to do with drivers as they are loaded with the O/S & not on first boot.

what has probably happened is that you have left the jumper over the clear cmos pins on the mobo, or the mobo is trying to boot through the onboard video.

open the case and remove the jumper on the cmos pins (check your mobo manual).

if you have a monitor socket on the back of your case other than your radeon, try swapping the monitor cable into that socket (onboard video).

if you then get the screen up, you will need to change the video setting in the bios to read "AGP first".

you will probably find you have to format your hard drive as explained due to

1. different chipset drivers

2. windowsXP innability to accept a new mobo/proc/memory upgrade.

if you are really lucky, inserting the windowsxp disc and do a repairxp, in effect re-installing windows.

do not format your drive yet untill all else has been tried, im sure someone else will give better advice on the repair as i have never used it.

good luck

  keith-236785 20:18 29 Sep 2004

open the case and remove the jumper on the cmos pins (check your mobo manual).

should have read

open the case and remove the jumper on the CLEAR cmos pins (check your mobo manual).

  BEV 23:19 29 Sep 2004

I have cleared the CMOS several times now and it is set in the default position again.

We have upgraded the PC with the following products

Shuttle R3: SocketA VIA KT 400/8233A AGP8x Snd LAN Motherboard + Athlon XP3000 +Barton SocketA CPU OEM 256 mb + Radeon 9600XT DDR DVI_I TV Out + 512Mb PC3200 184pin DDR 400 DIMM Memory

We then installed them all in the case with the original compenents of floppy, cd, max wat power supply of 340 and orginal hard drive running Windows XP. On power up nothing appears on screen, although computer sounds as if it's running OK. No beeps etc. No POST on screen at all.

Since doing this we put together another PC with the old mothorboard etc and orginal hard drive to try and solve the problem!I have tried Radeon card in this PC and it works fine. I've also now loaded all the motherboard drivers on this hard drive and relocated in new PC but still no output to screen. I can't get into set up or anything!

In the mothorboard manuel it explains that first time boot up you should use a bootable floppy disk (Dos 6.2x, Windows 95/98/NT, or others which contain FDISK and FORMAT. Does this indicate that Windows XP isn't supported?

I have worked on this problem night after night now and I'm totally perplexed! We have built several computers from scratch in the past with no problems!

I wonder if we format the hard drive in another PC whether this would help.

I'm beginning to think eith the mothorboard or processor is faulty


  BEV 23:20 29 Sep 2004

No onboard graphics on MOBO


  Noelg23 23:25 29 Sep 2004

you could be onto it there...i would have said either the Mobo CPU or memory...

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