Mobo change - help needed

  daba 23:52 20 Dec 2003

I am about to embark on a mobo change. I wish to just put existing HDDs and CD drives into the new hardware environment, and let Windows climb out of the black hole.

Obviously I will back-up important data and the like, but I have ample room on 2nd HDD to image C:.

Is there a good, reliable (and free or cheap) backup/imaging utility I can use to save an image of C; in case I need to restore to existing mobo ?

BTW I am running '98SE, and will soon be upgrading to 2000. Does anyone think I should do the 2000 upgrade before the mobo swap, or after, i.e. which OS will heal itself with the new mobo better ?

I did this before when I was on '95 and swapped mobo's, and followed advice to let '95 see the new mobo, I was told it would handle the hardware swap better than '98.

  Forum Editor 00:29 21 Dec 2003

I suggest that you do it after you've set up your system on the new motherboard. Once the new board is settled in with Win98SE (or vice versa) you can set about collecting Win2K drivers for all your hardware devices. Do this before you upgrade, and have the drivers sitting in a special folder - ready for when Win2K starts firing off requests for them.

With regard to drive imaging, I don't know of a good free utility. I always use PowerQuest's DriveImage 7, which at 69.00 euros isn't prohibitively expensive, considering the important job it does.

click here and take a look for yourself.

  hugh-265156 00:30 21 Dec 2003

its better to fdisk/format the drive and start afresh with a mobo may get away with it and just have to install the drivers for the mobo/chipset etc but usually windows will throw a wobbly.

back up your favorites and email address book to floppy disk and any important larger folders to cd.

to back up an image i recommend acronis true image,very easy to use but will obviously save your old mobo drivers so as above may only work with the old hardware.

does it have to be xp? win2000 is more buisness orientated and may not run games very well if you like playing these.

  daba 00:42 21 Dec 2003

thanks for that useful info FE.

from your response, I take it you dont see a problem with the mobo change in '98

i fully agree with the W2K drivers issue. i would have ensured i had these b4 upgrade, my question was "Upgrade to W2K, verify then Upgrade MoBo, or the opposite, Upgrade MoBo, then Windows.

my concern is not being able to recover existing PC should the H/W upgrade fail.

As for the PQDI at 69 euros (why can't i get the euro symbol????, it's on the keyboard, lol), its a lot of dollar for a one-off (sorry to mix currencies)

  daba 00:50 21 Dec 2003

i have no hunger to upgrade O/S at all, '98SE seems to be happy, and so am I with it, I just thought I'd be better of with a 2-year "technology boost" (sic)

as for the backup issue - thats exactly what i want, an "image" save and restore capability so I can roll back any hardware changes

  SketcH 00:54 21 Dec 2003

Do it. I went from 98SE to 2000Pro and its fantastic. Similar GUI but with lots of extra stuff that make life easier, and your system purr.

Two words: 'Automatic Update'.

Its amazing. Next they'll be packaging sliced bread.




  hugh-265156 00:59 21 Dec 2003

acronis is can save to cd or partition(takes a few cds depending on compression used)and be back up running fully(as you were) in few here for info.

drive image is also good.

i have a friend who has win2000(due to work supplied laptop) and has problems with drivers and compatability.

FE knows more than me.

  Djohn 01:04 21 Dec 2003

daba, for the euro key, press and hold the "Alt/grt key [lower right of spacebar] and hit the euro key. €

  Djohn 01:04 21 Dec 2003

Except it changes to a square in the forum :o(

  hugh-265156 01:16 21 Dec 2003

€ = ALT GR + 4$ KEY

  hugh-265156 01:17 21 Dec 2003

as above = square when posted

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