Mobo alarm sounds

  jaybee 12:01 31 Dec 2004

A relative who cant afford a new machine asked me to speed up her old machine which believe it or not is running XP home on an ancient PC Chips M599LMR mobo with 512Mb of ram. The Crucial wizard said the mobo would take a 256mb upgrade of pc100 sdram memory which would increase the total to the maximum allowed of 768mb. On indserting the stick in to the third and only empty memory slot, a continuous warning sound, not one of those coded bleeps, sounds from the speaker in the case. I get no such noise when choosing any two sticks of memory from three in any two slots, so the memory is probably ok. The warning sound, a sort of endless buzzing, only comes if three sticks are inserted. Do I have to upgrade drivers, bios or anything before hand or is it something else?

  Technotiger 13:33 31 Dec 2004

Hi, the Alarm you describe could possibly be mobo temperature alarm (over-heating) or BIOS upgrade needed. Please note I did say 'possibly'. You are correct in saying that mobo can take 3x256mb. Cheers.

  jaybee 17:59 31 Dec 2004

in responding as I am now 200 miles away from where I made the lunchtime post. Thanks Technotiger for the guidance. Tomorrow I'll investigate the bios upgrade possibility. I'm pretty sure it has not been fully updated. Is the flashing of a bios easy? Any site where there is a 'how to' that might help me?

  Technotiger 18:35 31 Dec 2004

Delay does not matter - I have been out too!

Anyway, there are other places but give this one a try - click here

Happy New Year.

  Gareth2303 20:37 31 Dec 2004

Its only a possibility but i bought a new Coolermaster Aero fan and first time around i fitted it incorrectly and my alarm wouldnt shut up and my pc wouldnt start.....I opened the pc...put more lube on it and fitted it right adn now theres never a problem.....So maybe it is a CPU overheat...thats what i immediatly thought when i looked at the post

  jaybee 11:23 02 Jan 2005

Thanks to Technotiger and Gareth2303 for pointing me in the direction of overheating. Flashing a bios is something I have only done twice. Once it worked, and once it caused a dead laptop. So I looked at temperature. With one stick of 256mb the mobo bios gave the temp as 38 degrees and with two it gave 54 degrees. With the max of three stick in place I can't read the temp since the boot sequence goes no further than 'memory update ok' before the alarm sounds.Whatever the temp, it is most likely causing the alarm. The bios does not allow me to increase or change the temperature at which the alarm sounds. Is it a waste of time trying to reseat the CPU heatsink and fan or is 756mb running XP home simply too much for the AMD K2 processor? Would a CPU upgrade do the trick if there is a current chip that is available for such an old mobo? Or is there a cheap mobo and CPU upgrade that would take 768mb of perfectly good PC100 SDram that I would hate to bin? For the rest of today and all tomorrow I am within walking distance of Tottenham Court Road and therefore can probablyfind a stockist for stuff tht is not exactly the latest.

  Technotiger 11:29 02 Jan 2005

Hi, I would suggest try Gareth2303's suggestion.
If that does not work then an upgrade would seem to be the answer.


  jaybee 13:00 02 Jan 2005

I'll give it a go but I have just run some more tests and I may have misled you. Today it makes no difference whether or not I have one stick or two in the memory slots. The running temperature AFTER I HAVE LET EVERYTHING WARM UP is around 53/54 degrees whether or not I have one stick or two in place. I can't take a read with three sticks coz the alarm soundsand the machine locks. Previously I may have looked at the temp when the machine had not properly warmed up and compared it with a proper running temperature. Anyone got an ideas of a currently available mobo that takes a reasonably priced amd cpu (which my neice would have to buy) and uses pc100 sdram which she has already?

  Technotiger 13:12 02 Jan 2005

I would suggest, same as mine - Jetway V266B mobo for Socket-A Athlon/Duron Precessor.


  Technotiger 13:12 02 Jan 2005

Oooops - processor !!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:39 02 Jan 2005

53/54 degrees is warm but not too high for an AMD chip. Alarm usually goes off over the 60/70 degree mark.

If alarm only sounds with three sticks of memory in then possibly your mother board will only take two sticks at a time. (I know you have 3 slots but there was a revious thread where Mobo could only take two sticks with 3 slots)

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