mobile/laptop processors - comparable?

  Superstylin 23:35 12 Aug 2005

hi, i'm considering buying a laptop to replace my desktop pc. i'm in the first stages of seeing what's around but am confused by the choice of processor available.

i'm leaning towards choosing AMD since i've heard good things in the way of 'more bang for your buck' but then there is the choice of turion, athlon or sempron. or actually should i really be looking at intel processor's? i want to ask if they can be rated from fastest to slowest in terms of speed but i'm guessing that's over simplifying things since memory etc will come into play.

as well as this i'm really only going to be able to consider processors that will appear in 'budget' notebooks (i'm looking to spend no more than £700 whether these be used or new)

anyway, does anyone have advice/info?

thanks in advance

  Technotiger 00:20 13 Aug 2005

Hi, my personal preference is for AMD. Have a look at click here (they are situated near my home at Fareham, Hants.) An excellent firm to deal with and a great and varied choice of laptops within your price-range.

Happy hunting.

  Superstylin 00:46 13 Aug 2005

still in question though is intel with their pentium m, mobile pentium 4 ht, mobile pentium 4, mobile pentium 4 m, celeron m or mobile celeron.....(!)....or amd's turion 64 mobile, mobile athlon 64, athlon 64 for notebooks, mobile athlon xp-m or mobile sempron!!?? god they don't make it easier for the novice do they?

  Technotiger 00:57 13 Aug 2005

Well, I don't think you will be disappointed with whatever you get if it is in the £700 bracket from Novatech. Just that AMD would be my choice.


  Superstylin 17:28 13 Aug 2005

click here

information on how to choose microprocessors. it's a little out of date i think but the theory is the same.

expains clock speeds, system bus and cache so hopefully i ca make a more informed choice and get the better chip

  DieSse 17:45 13 Aug 2005

Unfortunately the link above is so out of date that it's pretty useless for comparing current laptop processors.

Any mobile version processor is designed for laptops, so just pick the fastest you can afford (bearing in mind that more RAM is good too.)

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