Mobile WiFi data used up without my consent

  RufusChucklebutty 18:19 16 Jun 2019

I have a 50 GB EE mobile internet contract and every month i either have some data left over or i use it all in the last couple of days , this month the whole lot was used mid month after something ate up all my data, I don't know what it was, is there any way I can prevent my data being used up without my knowledge ?

  wee eddie 18:41 16 Jun 2019

OS Updates can frequently use a lot of data

  AroundAgain 20:50 16 Jun 2019

You could ask EE to put a block on going over your allowance They've done this for a friend of mine

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:01 17 Jun 2019

Has your PC just upated to the latest 1903 update? that would take up a lot of data.

  RufusChucklebutty 14:56 17 Jun 2019

I'm using an android tablet .

I did have some updates just before the data ran out.

Can i block updates ?

  john bunyan 15:19 17 Jun 2019

Are we talking about mobile data via a phone or tablet , or broadband data via ISP and router. Surely if we talk about Windows 10 1903 update, that only applies to a PC, not a mobile tablet? I use IOS on a phone and only have 4 gig mobile data- I never use that amount as data via wi fi is not counted and I ensure I am on wi fi for Major updates such as 12.3. My ISP home downloads are unlimited

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:01 17 Jun 2019

50G a month, wow that's some downloading for a phone.

I used to have a 2G EE contract for my PC and not use it all.

  RufusChucklebutty 16:41 17 Jun 2019

Android 5.0.1

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