Mobile phone/laptop internet conncetion

  philrose 20:24 26 Mar 2003

Hi I need info on how to connect and use a laptop and mobile phone for internet access. I need to travel and connect to the internet where there is no land line available.

  graham 20:41 26 Mar 2003

Piece of cake! You need a WAP enabled mobile (Wireless Application Protocol)fitted in your laptop.

  philrose 21:05 26 Mar 2003

Can anyone give info on the best way to connect a mobile phone to laptop for internet use, I have been tol by cable or infa red port, please advise on best way


  sdf 00:08 27 Mar 2003

There are a number of ways of doing it - what mobile phone do you have currently. Model dependant you can connect it up using a cable, or via infrared or bluetooth. If you let me know which network you are on and which handset you have I can give you the best way of doing it. (If you hadnt guessed - I work in the mobile communications industry!). An interesting side note to anyone reading - according to the Hutchison 3 Rep I spoke to today, where you can get coverage one can expect an average of 380kps connection speed - makes one consider being one of the first 20000 to get a half price phone! near broadband connection speed! (ish!)


  bigdamouk 00:22 27 Mar 2003

Hi, im sorry to jack your thread philrose

But i have a sony vaio laptop and a Sharp GX1 mobile on O2, the phone is wap enabled.

Is this phone capable of internet connection through my laptop?

And secondly HOW??? :)

Many Thanks

  sdf 00:36 27 Mar 2003

Hello there, right, dunno if you have an IR port on your Vaio - I imagine you do. but if you load the modem driver from the cd that should have come with your phone (if not get it here: click here
then once ur Vaio has seen your phone as a modem you should be able to select it as the default connection device in your dial up networking by changing the properties of your Dial up connection. then just activate IR on your phone put it in line with the IR port on your vaio and away you should go. It might be worth if you use it a lot also putting a GPRS bundle on your phone, save you LOADS of money. a standard data call will offer 9.6kbps, GPRS will offer up to 48kbps and is not circuit switched so you only pay for what you use, not how long you use it. hope this works - gimme a shout if not

  bigdamouk 01:49 27 Mar 2003

Thanks for that sdf - ur a star!

  philrose 07:18 27 Mar 2003

thanks for that info, SDF, I am looking to upgrade my mobile to one which is capable, so could you recommend a phone and the network would be O2
thanks again


  sdf 11:31 27 Mar 2003

There are shed loads phones to choose from, a nice bet is always the Nokia 6310i, it in my exerience has proven itself time and time again. It offers the longest standby in the industry (I get about 2 and a bit weeks out of mine, with bluetooth turned on and with usage!). Also offers triband access, full reliable bluetooth usage (good for when being used as a modem - no line of sight), and all the other advantages of a nokia (ease of use, reliablity, availability of accessories etc). you should also get the phone free, especially if you go to an o2 store of such like to do it! have a look at it click here let me know, plenty of others to choose from

  philrose 19:21 27 Mar 2003

Excellent info and many thanks for your help, I will go with your recommendations


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