Mobile phone wifi arrows constantly on

  John Kiddle 22:24 11 Nov 2016

Hi. I recently got a new router from my internet provider and ever since setting it up every mobile phone what connects to it has there wifi signal arrows constantly on. As you can guess this is eating up the mobiles batteries. I've been in contact with the internet provider and they have said everything's fine their end. I've disabled back ground updating on both phones but it's still the same. Any help?

  Daniel Hirst 10:57 13 Nov 2016

Hello John,

My guess to this would be your apps, in order to keep everything up to date your internet-enabled apps need to "call home" or "sync" with the server, as well as android checking for OTA (over the air) updates. Since I am not aware of the phone you have, I can only assume it is the data from the apps. Majority of the phones I have had have their battery usually eaten by the screen being constantly on the the mobile network trying to reach home with a bad signal. If you are really low on power, try putting your phone into airoplane mode when you do not need to make or receive calls. Also try either dimming your screen oor using a dark coloured home screen. These are just tips and I cannot gaurantee them to work for all phones as all phones are different :)

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