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  Aspman 10:05 17 Aug 2005

Morning all,

I've got a Nokia 6630 from 3 that came with spiderman 2 on a minature MMC card (128Mb).

I was trying to copy off the movie from the card so I could reuse it without losing the film.

Using the Nokia software I can browse the phone and the memory card but the film does not appear as a file on the card. It's not a hidden file either.

Right clicking on the memory card shown no files but that the card is read/write. It doesn't show a format option either.

Can this file be found ont eh card and card reused or is it read only memory card really?

It was free so I'm not looking to complain about it. Though I was told I could reuse the card.

  Satmansq 10:31 17 Aug 2005

Do you or someone you know have a card reader connectd to a PC, so that you can try to read the card away from the phone?

  Aspman 10:37 17 Aug 2005

I had that thought. Nope I don't have access to a card reader.

I could use the supplied adapter to put it into my digital camera (MMC) and try that.

Might have a look for a cheap reader.

  Pooke 10:38 17 Aug 2005

If you have a card reader, take the card out of the phone and put it in the card reader. Then access through "My Computer" where it will show as an extra drive.

My last nokia (6230) wouldn't allow me to write directly to the card from the PC. Which meant I had save anything on the internal memory then copy it to the mmc card from the menu in the phone. Kind of annoying it was, the card was 512mb, I couldn't have files bigger than 8mb (8mb was the total available internal memory). But when I used a card reader I could write files as big as I wanted as the phone wasn't involved in the transfer.

Hope this helps


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