Mobile phone tracking

  User-CB6C597F-1581-4FAF-8DFF3B1477396392 09:43 20 Jun 2005

Is it possible to find out if an employer is tracking your mobile without him knowing your looking? Can it be avoided?

  sicknote 10:49 20 Jun 2005

Yes they can track you !!but i don't think they allowed to do it without informing you .maybe someone knows more !!!

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  octal 13:09 20 Jun 2005

I think if you are being monitored the employer is required to inform the employee that they are being monitored and the reason why. This gives information, it is a PDF file on THE EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES

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  sicknote 13:36 20 Jun 2005

Is it your mobile phone or companies ????

  De Marcus 14:01 20 Jun 2005

For my postings

It is a company phone. It hasnt been announced that we are being tracked but we suspect it. I was kind of hoping that there is a web site where I could find out.

  dukeboxhero 17:13 20 Jun 2005

yes your employer can track your phone for as little as 49p a go at click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:54 20 Jun 2005

It is perfectly legit as long as the person has given their permission and has successfully been argued that monitoring is for safety purposes and to make a business more efficient. It is also covered under the requirements for handsets that can dial 999 in that they have to be locatable so you cannot block the system. However you do not know if you have been tracked so 'permission' is a vapid thing. However if you are not doing anything dodgy you should have no need to worry.

There are a many companies in the UK, once registration has been cleared, nearly any mobile phone can be tracked to within >100 metres and/or 2 minutes or less assuming that it is turned on and in a clear(ish) reception area. If the phone is turned off you get the last location where the phone was working. This is one of the better ones click here useful for keeping an eye on errant teenagers If this worries you turn the phone off and welcome to 2005.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:56 20 Jun 2005

Forgot to mention that usually a text will be sent to mobiles informing them that they are on a tracker.........most of the time;-))


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