Mobile phone signal booster

  johnincrete 07:26 18 Nov 2011

I have my office in the basement of a building that is re-inforced concrete over a steel shell. There is no mobile phone signal. Is there any device I can use to pick up a signal in my apartment upstairs and relay it into the basement.

  spuds 09:23 18 Nov 2011

One thing that I suggest that you don't buy, is the mobile phone 'booster' cards/strips that you insert in the mobile phone.

I bought a supply of those at 1p each with a recommended retail value of over a £1.00. They were 'designed' to boost weak signals, but I found that they just didn't work or boost a signal, inside or outside?.

  birdface 09:26 18 Nov 2011

It all depends on which phone and which sevice provider you have.

My Brother in law is with Vodaphone and his signal was non existent most of the time at home.

He went to the Vodaphone shop and came back with a plug in the wall Signal Booster that works fine for him now.

Whether it would work in a basement or not I do not know.

But maybe contact the makers of your phone to see if they do anything similar.

  Miké 11:12 18 Nov 2011

Perhaps some form of hands free setup, with the aerial on the outside of the building.

  Woolwell 12:37 18 Nov 2011

I put a search in Google for mobile phone external antenna and a list of sites came up. I have no idea how good any of the products are but this site may give you a pointer in the right direction Mobile Repeater

  folded-universe 09:37 09 Dec 2011

Those booster strips are weak and will not get you signal in a metal encased basement. The Vodafone sure signal may help you but you need broadband. Ideally you want to get out of your dark dungeon and onto the crust of the earth, caves are for trolls and batmen

  xxxx7 09:23 20 Dec 2011

if you have any windows in your office and at least 1 bar of 3g signal at that window that you can have a look at cel-fi rs2, this particular mobile phone signal booster is the easiest device to set up (from my experience), no software installation, long cables or complex manuals etc. I'm happy with that :)

  johnincrete 15:44 20 Dec 2011

Thanks everyone. Went to see Vodafone people and was told that nothing can be done

  johnincrete 14:04 23 Dec 2011

A surprise Christmas gift from my son-in-law was the instalation of ADSL into the basement office. So I went back to Vodafone and I was offered a device that costs 200euro to connect to the ADSL. Thanks ... but no thanks!

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