Mobile phone signal booster

  johnincrete 07:26 18 Nov 2011

I have my office in the basement of a building that is re-inforced concrete over a steel shell. There is no mobile phone signal. Is there any device I can use to pick up a signal in my apartment upstairs and relay it into the basement.

  spuds 09:23 18 Nov 2011

One thing that I suggest that you don't buy, is the mobile phone 'booster' cards/strips that you insert in the mobile phone.

I bought a supply of those at 1p each with a recommended retail value of over a £1.00. They were 'designed' to boost weak signals, but I found that they just didn't work or boost a signal, inside or outside?.

  johnincrete 15:44 20 Dec 2011

Thanks everyone. Went to see Vodafone people and was told that nothing can be done

  johnincrete 14:04 23 Dec 2011

A surprise Christmas gift from my son-in-law was the instalation of ADSL into the basement office. So I went back to Vodafone and I was offered a device that costs 200euro to connect to the ADSL. Thanks ... but no thanks!

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