Mobile Phone Photos

  digbee2500 15:22 23 Mar 2010

I took lots of pics with my mobile of family, pets etc when on holiday recently but when I loaded them onto my PC they were very small and when I increased the size the definition decreased making them all blurry. Any suggestions?

  Technotiger 15:22 23 Mar 2010

This is quite normal for Mobile phones, I would guess that your Photo option has only a very small pixel count.

  digbee2500 15:29 23 Mar 2010

Thanks Techno, I kind of guessed that but is there any way I can make the photos bigger without losing definition?

  anchor 15:30 23 Mar 2010

Without knowing what mobile phone you have its impossible to be sure.

My very old Nokia takes pictures but the quality is awful. My son has the latest "all singing and dancing phone" and his pictures are great. It has a very high resolution.

  anchor 15:34 23 Mar 2010

"Can I make the photos bigger without losing definition?"

Not really; playing around in a photo programme could help a bit, but you cannot put in detail that was never there.

All I want from my phone is to make/receive calls; I have an excellent camera to take my pictures.

  digbee2500 15:35 23 Mar 2010

my phone is a nokia as well but is there a pc programme to download that lets you change pixels etc?

  Woolwell 15:38 23 Mar 2010

I have a Nokia which allows me to change the settings for the photos from decent print up to 28x36 cm (which I usually keep it on) down to small (suitable for MMS). These change the capture resolution and the size of the image file. If you have low resolution to start with then regrettably there is not much that can be done with it. Enhancing will only do so much as basically you cannot improve something that isn't there as anchor stated.

  Technotiger 15:45 23 Mar 2010

As the others have already said - afraid not! I too have a Nokia which gives grreat pics, but mine has a 2Meg camera.

  digbee2500 15:49 23 Mar 2010

ok thanks any way for your help

  Technotiger 15:53 23 Mar 2010

There is one possible solution - print the small pictures after loading them onto the PC, then scan the prints into the PC. During the scanning process, first do a Preview Scan, then on the preview, lasso the whole picture then Scan that. You will then end up with a larger picture!

  anchor 16:08 23 Mar 2010

This is my sons phone:

click here

It has a resolution of 8Mpixels. He made a slide show of pictures taken on a recent short visit to Venice for showing on TV. They were outstanding.

However for less than price he paid he could have got a camera that offered much more.

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