mobile phone mast

  feredo 20:01 21 Nov 2004

mobile phone mast.
is there a site to check just wher all the hiden masts are.
I know there are no ones around here that are plain to see.
I ask as is it possable that these can inter with computer.


  Smegs 20:12 21 Nov 2004

Can you explain more please??

What kind of problems are you having??

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:15 21 Nov 2004
  Djohn 20:15 21 Nov 2004

click here for a database of phone mast.

  Alex-188000 20:24 21 Nov 2004

There isnt much, even no interferance with radio or any other EM waves that interfear with the computer at my knowledge. They do sometimes interfear with your sound but thats about it. Has there been a recent problem that made you think this?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:34 21 Nov 2004

Interferance with radio or any other EM waves can cause distortion of monitor picture if in close proximity.

Try putting a mobile phone or handset ontop of your monitor and see what happens.

  Alex-188000 20:45 21 Nov 2004

It would have to be very close as my monitor dosnt do a thing near my mobile phone

  Alex-188000 20:46 21 Nov 2004

It does a bit

  ashdav 00:45 22 Nov 2004

it's unlikely that your computer will be affected directly as it's in a metal case (read Faraday cage). The most likely source of pick up is through any external cables. The best way to harden these is to loop them through a ferrite toroid a couple of times. One toroid per cable. The mains lead can also pick up RFI but the fact that all computers use switch mode power supplies should prevent any problems. They are already fitted with suppression components. If anyone else has problems with this subject post a thread and I will help out. I spent 14 years in this field of work.

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