Mobile Phone as Flash Drive??!!

  myfoot 21:59 23 Jul 2005

Just upgrading to Nokia 6230i with a 512MG MMC card ordered. Was wondering if anybody knows if and how, to use one as a flash drive. That is WITHOUT installing additional sofware on the PC. Would be handy if this was possible as on dial-up I often drop into Broadband Internet Cafes. With my last phone I had to install a driver for the USB cable.
Will now go looking for NOKIA fan site.

  o44wen 00:59 24 Jul 2005

i highly doubt you will be able to use it without drivers. I have a K750 and you need the drivers.

What i have is an Intelligent Stick which is very small and fits into you wallet. They come with a credit card sized holder which holds two pen drives.

Maplin have them in stock but i got them from a shop called NetPCDirect but they have closed their shop for the summer. A 128MB is for sale at 19.99, they also have other sizes.

A good mobile phone forum is click here

  Tycho 08:37 24 Jul 2005

I have just got a flash drive from ebuyer. 512MB for £17 something + p&p. Not perfect, though. I had to do a bit of careful drilling to attach a neck cord to it. There was not even a pen type clip! Keep it backed up, though. My last one failed after about a year. Avoid flexing the metal connector sheath which I did when I put it in a slot next to another. I suspect that's what contributed to its shortened life.


  myfoot 23:09 24 Jul 2005

Thanks for your responses. Found this and will get one unfrotunately it still involves removing back of phone and battery some phones have a side slot for the memory card, but unfortunately the 6230i has it behind battery. click here thanks 044wen for the link there is some usefull stuff there on "howardsforum" like Nokia phone codes etc

  myfoot 19:47 09 Aug 2005

Just in case anybody has my interests. Just fitted 512MB MMC to new phone plugged in with USB cable and up she pops as Mass storage device with access limited to card, but no addittional software install needed. This is very handy for me as I can put stuff straight to phone when I'm somewhere with Broadband I'm still on Morse code and no broadband future in sight

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