RubyTuesday 10:55 26 Jan 2005

Hi people....I have a Packard Bell i go 4000 series Laptop and I have a new Samsung E330 mobile phone. I bought a data cable from Samsung for my phone so I could connect it to my laptop, but the end that should go into my laptop won't fit. I think its called a parallel port, but it looks the same as the end of the data cable...thats why it doesnt fit! Is there an adaptor that I could fit to the cable to enable me to attach it to my laptop? Hope you all understand this...very difficult for me to describe these things!!! Thankyou..

  johnnyrocker 10:56 26 Jan 2005

click here


  SANTOS7 11:00 26 Jan 2005

click here click on the E330 link it will send you to an accessories page dedicated to your phone,hope this helps,good luck..........

  RubyTuesday 11:10 26 Jan 2005

thanks johnnyrocker and santos7....I will try Maplins but the samsung site is how I ordered the cable in the first place!!! Thanks anyway...will keep trying..xx

  SANTOS7 11:14 26 Jan 2005

looking at the cable, and what you have explained they may well have sent you the wrong one as the picture clearly shows a parrallel port connection and the dedicated connection to your phone

  RubyTuesday 11:20 26 Jan 2005

Santos7.....but the one they sent is the correct one for the E330!! I have rung samsung this morning and they said they have never heard of this problem I losing it?? Am losing the will to live at the moment..Samsung operators are sooooo not helpful! lmao

  Technotiger 11:26 26 Jan 2005

Hi, your phone has I-Red, WinXP has I-Red capablities so all you need is a usb I-Red Dongle
and hey presto. Very cheap to buy and a doddle to use. I have one on my pc for my Nokia.


  Chezdez 11:27 26 Jan 2005

so, you've basically got a cable that has both ends the same?

well, that's samsung's problem, they've probably sent you the wrong cable

  RubyTuesday 11:34 26 Jan 2005

Technotiger.....if you say so! I will look for it but never heard of these things!! Thanks anyway. Chezdez....the cable isnt the same at both ends! One end does fit into my mobile, but the other end is same as port on laptop, so its obviously either the male or the female..but either way, it doesnt fit.

  Technotiger 11:41 26 Jan 2005

Me again - if you really want to use the cable in your posession, then Maplins do stock gender-bender adapters.

  RubyTuesday 11:58 26 Jan 2005 sooooo very grateful to you hun....will defo try Maplins now. Luv the title....GenderBender!!!!!

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