Mobile phone - Blue Tooth or USB data cable?

  VNAM75 23:06 07 Aug 2005

I'm thinking about getting the Samsung D500 (does anyone recommend this phone; cost £200 PAYG) and wondered whether it would be better to get a Blue Tooth dongle or USB data cable for MP3 and picture transfer on to the PC.

  DieSse 23:42 07 Aug 2005

Personally I connect my phones via infra-red.

Infra-red to usb adapter is quite cheap - software comes with the 'phone, or by download. So no special cable (usually expensive) to buy - or blue-tooth (also expensive).

I got it for my previous 'phone (Alcaltel) - and it also works fine at no extra cost, with my new Sharp.

  VNAM75 00:01 08 Aug 2005

DieSse,could you provide a link to where I can get one of these adapters? What is the performance/transfer rate for mobile phone to PC and vice versa.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 00:18 08 Aug 2005

Not used samsung software to connect phone however had massive problems with Nokia data suite.

Found far easier to use bluetooth to up and download pictures and ringtone files for my daughter's phone.

  DieSse 01:02 08 Aug 2005

click here

Almost all phone companies web sites seem to have one - you'll need a USB extension cable too - to allow the adapter to rest on the desk by the phone.

Transfer rates - plenty quick enough for what data a phone can hold - but don't ask me specific s I'm afraid - it just works for me. Takes out my pics in a few seconds!

You should get the software with the phone, or from the web.

I had zero problems with either 'phone.

  daisy2bell 10:16 08 Aug 2005

I do mp3 and photos via bluetooth with no problems

  Taff36 11:12 08 Aug 2005

I use bluetooth which required an adapter for my laptop. Previously I used Infra Red but the direct line of sight is a pain for me, with bluetooth the phone can be in the next room if necessary and not cluttering up my desk "lined" up with the receiver. If the phone rings I can answer it too!.

The other advantage of bluetooth is that if I change phones I don`t need to buy another cable for the new model because bluetooth is a pre-requisite on most phones these days. Not so sure that infra Red is these days though!

  DieSse 16:03 08 Aug 2005

"Not so sure that infra Red is these days though!"

My brand new Sharp has both - there seems little point in investing in a BlueTooth facility when there is an infra-red one (which I already have) which costs peanuts.

Still - we each choose what we find works OK, with an eye on the costs too no doubt.

  Taff36 18:07 08 Aug 2005

I noticed that a lot of my friends newer phones don`t have infra red at all, only bluetooth. (Mine has both but is nearly three years old) When I changed my laptop it didn`t have either so I opted for a bluetooth adapter rather than infra red. As you say whatever works best with an eye to the future and hand on the wallet!

  VNAM75 22:49 08 Aug 2005

Thanks DieSse, the mobilefun site is really useful. The accessories are much cheaper than what the mobile phone shops are charging.

  Danoh 09:14 20 Jan 2006

USB data cables are even more expensive then USB-Bluetooth dongles. My younger son's mobile has infra-red but not bluetooth. Vice-versa for my elder son's mobile. My own mobile came bundled with a USB data cable.

Subjective transfer speeds for photo files (c 400-500Kb); 1st USB cable, 2nd Infra-red/Bluetooth 2.0, 3rd Bluetooth 1.2 or 1.1

For larger video files; 1st USB Data cable, 2nd Infra-red, 3rd Bluetooth 2.0, 1.2, 1.1

DieSse & VNAM75,
Did either of you try ordering from Mobile Fun Ltd?

I placed my 1st order for 2 Bluetooth devices on 31st Dec 2005 and now wish I never did.
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