Mobile to Laptop Connection

  Marktoo 21:49 15 Oct 2003

Can anyone tell me how to connect a mobile phone to a laptop modem so I can access the internet while I am away from home without the need of a landline?

  sdf 22:07 15 Oct 2003

what phone do you have?

  Marktoo 22:11 15 Oct 2003

Haven't bought the phone or laptop yet so I'm open to suggestions as to what setup would be most compatible.

  sdf 22:30 15 Oct 2003

you have got 3 options, Cable, IR, or bluetooth, all dependant on the phone and laptop's capabilities. the most convinent was would be bluetooth, but working in the mobile phone market I know how temperamental Bluetooth can be, you'd need to make sure that the phone and bluetooth adaptor are both totally compatible, dont think because bluetooth is a standard anything will work, you'll be greatly mistaken. next IR, similar wireless connection to Bluetooth but needs a line of sight and less tempermental. verify your laptop (and phone) have this function. or finally cable, many phones offer cables and it is a nice reliable way of doing things. one thing to remember is to minimise use, as it is expensive. GPRS offering up to 56kbps is charged at around £3 per MB, CSD (Circuit Switched Data) - a basic data call- up to 9.6kbps is charged at around 10p per min of online time. or finally if your with orange they offer HSCSD (High Speed Circuit Switched Data) at up to 28kbps. you will also need an ISP to dial up to. Any questions???? or any preference on the phone/mobile network?

  Marktoo 22:52 15 Oct 2003

Good answer, that all I needed, thanks.

  sdf 23:06 15 Oct 2003

aim to please! ;-)

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