Mobile drive not shown

  john118 15:33 10 Jul 2006

I have a usb 2.5" mobile disk drive. When I plug it in it does not register in my computer, but is shown in devise manager as mass storage device. I have tried it on two machines, both running XP Pro, any ideas ?

  De Marcus™ 16:00 10 Jul 2006

Does it have an external power supply, possibly from the mains or another USB port?

  De Marcus™ 16:00 10 Jul 2006

Also, is this new and unformatted?

  john118 16:26 10 Jul 2006

sorry should have said it has an external power supply but it makes no difference also yes it is unformatted I wanted to format it.

  De Marcus™ 17:01 10 Jul 2006

Go to start and 'RIGHT' click on the my computer icon and select manage.

The computer management console will appear, on the left, locate Disk Management and click on it.

The console should now show your hard drives, cd/dvd drives, etc on the right.

Right click on the usb drive and select format.

  john118 16:24 11 Jul 2006

Great thanks for the help

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