Mobile devices can't connect to Internet

  AndrewRichardson 21:03 26 May 2014

I've got a desktop PC, and my family between them have a 'phone and two laptops, which access the internet through a modem connected to the desktop.

I bought a new 'phone, which told me to connect it to the internet by pressing the WPS button on the router. I did that, and all the laptops and 'phones have lost internet access, although I still have it from the desktop. The connection we usually use isn't listed as available.

I've tried the usual; turning everything on and off again, but with no luck.

Any suggestions welcome.


  onthelimit1 11:04 27 May 2014

You should be able to reconnect everything manually by searching for your router, then inputting the wireless key. I'd do the same thing with your phone, rather than using the WPS

  AndrewRichardson 11:40 27 May 2014

Thanks for the reply. I've found the router and put in the key, but it's not giving me the option to connect to the network :(

  onthelimit1 13:49 27 May 2014

What are you seeing when you search for wireless networks on the phone?

  AndrewRichardson 13:55 27 May 2014

Other neighbours' (we assume) networks/routers, but no option to connect to the one we think we should have. A friend reckons I've shut myself out of the network seeing as the Ethernet-connected desktop is the only thing that's working, and I need to do a reset and start again. Would that make sense?


  onthelimit1 14:57 27 May 2014

Yes, that would be a good place to start. Just make sure the wireless on the router is turned on - not the first time someone has confused buttons on routers!

  alanrwood 15:46 27 May 2014

And make sure the SSID is set to broadcast or you won't see it anyway.

Did you note the WPS access code generated when you pressed the WPS button. Check it out on your router by entering its set up via your Fixed ethernet connection and your browser.

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