mobile broadband speeds

  oxparks 15:20 11 Feb 2010

Hi everyone,

I posted this thread a couple of weeks ago but no reply.

So trying again, hoping for better luck! Normally I get a brilliant lot of helpful advice from Forum.

Can someone advise if I have a case against Orange?

I have a 15 pounds a month mobile broadband contract. Whether in the countryside or a city such as Oxford I only get speeds of max 6.5Kbs which is clearly terrible.

Many thanks

  Technotiger 15:31 11 Feb 2010

Slow speeds might be down to the Area where you are situated - have a look at this and try the test/look at your own area.

click here

  Blackadderthe4th 16:45 11 Feb 2010

I suspect you don't have any comeback, if you read the small print! I bought a Vodafone genuine PAYG dongle about 3 months ago, but have now read the credit will only last 30 days! According to the small print they have a loop hole. By the way speeds have been going down with the explosion of dongles. I believe the new Iphone is having problems in some areas due to traffic on the 3G network.

  oxparks 11:54 13 Feb 2010

Thanks Technotiger and Blackadder, I will check out the speeds in the area when back in UK. Yes I am sure they have some get out in the small print!

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