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  pgj 19:46 05 Jan 2009

I have just purchased the Huawei E 160 G USB Modem on the 3 mobile Broadband net work. My intention is to use this for short periods of surfing at work (I’m a Market Trader) in conjunction with my laptop which is running Vista Home basic. After a very short time of use I found out how easy it is to be caught out by automatic down loads – namely Microsoft was about to use up 35mb of my price plan. I decided right away to switch off automatic updates and opted to be asked before such updates started - i.e. I can do that type of update at home for free on the house hold wireless system.

This got me thinking whether there was other setting I could change on my lap top to reduce the rate at which my broadband time is eaten up. For instance can I reduce the amount of downloading there is on a standard net page so that I only get to see the text etc? Are there other automatic down load items I should consider or anything that will extend the life of my mobile surfing time per £ I pay?

Kind Regards Paul

  Whiteadder310556 22:26 05 Jan 2009

Don't surf in to youtube because it may start downloading straight away and some of the files are quite large!

  theDarkness 02:08 06 Jan 2009

I dont know of any browsers that will stop loading a page after a set amount of mb, but the advanced preferences in most browsers will allow you to untick features such as 'load images' or 'play media/video'. this should help you limit what you use. browsers such as mozilla and internet explorer should have a 'show placemarks for media or images on current page' in their advanced preferences options, so if you really must see something missing on a webpage you can right click with the mouse to load the missing image or other media. you may need to do the above through these advanced settings, as simply selecting "view text only" in any main options may still load the images and other media, but not show them on screen, which is obviously not what you want! if you intend to use the mobile net for a fair length of time, or end up using too much mb and end up being charged for overuse, then you may well get a better deal on how much you can can download often with a longer contract and/or even by changing company, as i dont think everyone charges for going over the max advised limit of what you can use per month. no doubt as the mobile net gets faster and more popular the price will go down along with any set limits, but it may take time

  Whiteadder310556 11:25 06 Jan 2009

Thanks I've done what you suggest and the photos are blanked out. However go on to youtube and the video plays, but I guess thats what you go on youtube for, but sometimes I just want to check the comments that have been left without using my PAYG credit.

  pgj 12:51 06 Jan 2009

That's excellent advise 'theDarkness' many thanks.

I'l leave this here for another few days to see if anyone else has any good ideas.

Big thanx

  brundle 14:34 06 Jan 2009

Install Firefox (if you don't use it already) or install a portable version on a flash drive.
If you do use it already create a new profile.

Install the AdBlockPlus,Flashblock extensions and WebDevelopers Toolbar or Image-Show-Hide extension for control over images.

click here
click here
click here
click here

  brundle 14:35 06 Jan 2009

The Flashblock extension will prevent Youtube (and similar) videos running as soon as you visit the page.

  woodchip 14:38 06 Jan 2009

You could turn off Graphics in your Browser settings, It will be faster but just text does not suite me. Also make sure of having a good popup blocker working. all these are downloads

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