Mobile Broadband internet Dongles

  gazmix 18:40 02 Aug 2011


I need to go down the road of Mobile Internet dongles & am wondering if they can be used on desktop pc's.. I don't have a laptop. Which are the best providers/, i hear '3' are the best & are they easy to set up?


  gazmix 19:11 02 Aug 2011


I will have to use my Desktop now, but am looking at small laptops, i don't know what they're called!

This is the 1 i'm after :-

I currently have BB via Orange & am thinking its a pain to change addresses!! I will ask my new landlord!!

  mgmcc 20:08 02 Aug 2011


"Unless there is a WiFi hotspot near your PC, then you will need an InternetServiceProvider plan"

Aren't you confusing a "USB Wireless Network Adapter" with a "USB Mobile Broadband dongle", which provides internet access via the mobile phone networks?

  woodchip 22:12 02 Aug 2011

Web n Walk by T-Mobile is one of the best, as it now joined up with Orange so that you have a better chance of a signal. I say the above as my Daughter as one. and I have used it. not complete coverage but works most of the time

  Aitchbee 10:09 04 Aug 2011

I have a virgin usb alcatel usb modem 1gb/month. I use Onspeed which costs 25 pounds a year. I get a significant speed increase and an equivalent 3gb/month allowance. (compression of data). I use it on a dial-up connection also.Well worth it I reckon.

  Aitchbee 10:18 04 Aug 2011

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