Mobile broadband for the home

  Quickbeam 07:42 11 Sep 2018

I'm looking into switching to an EE BB account for home, 40gb for £25 per month. I'm currently on Virgin with unlimited BB, free landline and basic TV package. But it's crept up to the £50 mark over the years.

I don't use the landline and only watch what's free to see on free view. So it's not good value for money now.

Anyway, is mobile BB speed up to steaming catchup TV? I probably watch 2/4 programs a week this way. I'm a light TV viewer. The 40gb is more than enough data allowance for me.

  Pine Man 09:04 11 Sep 2018

EE suggest that the average speed is 31 mbps to 50% of the country, which would be plenty for streaming TV.

I have managed TV streaming with about 15/18 mbps so you need to know what your local speed will be.

Just as a matter of interest Virgin have been offering me their BB only at £25 per month so have you not considerd just ditching the Virgin TV bit and keeping the BB?

  Govan1x 09:22 11 Sep 2018

Maybe phone virgin tell them their service is to expensive and you have been offered cheaper from elsewhere.

They do not want to loose any customers so they may reduce your payments for 1 year. Unfortunately you have to do the same every year but they don't want to loose good customers.

See if they drop the payment to something you would be happy to pay. If not try elsewhere.

I have been with them a long while and every year they put there charges up and every year I ask for a cheaper deal.

Obviously If not offered a deal that suits you just give them your months notice that you are leaving, Then wait for the phone to ring. Like I said they don't want you to leave so they will phone back. If they try and cut back on the programs that you have say you are quite happy with what you have at the moment and dont let them reduce any of the programs that you get.

If they phone back and offer you something that you are not happy with just tell them to cut you off as you are going elsewhere. They will phone you back again.

  Govan1x 09:36 11 Sep 2018

As an after thought telling them they are to expensive is not a lie as they are very expensive.

They want £120 of my daughter a month when she found that out she tried to get it cut down a bit. They did not drop it to what she thought was a reasonable price so she has given them a months notice.

Now the problem with that is she does not use the home phone and has disconnected it so she may wait a long time for a phone call that she is not going to get.

  wee eddie 09:44 11 Sep 2018

Quickbeam: Is there any way that you can check your Monthly Use. 40GB sounds low if more than one of you is watching/downloading TV programs or Gaming on a regular basis

  Pine Man 10:12 11 Sep 2018

A rough guide to usage is:-

Watching movies or TV shows uses about 1 GB of data per hour for each stream of standard definition video, and up to 3 GB per hour for each stream of HD video.

If you watch 4 programs a week in theory you could watch them all on SD easily BUT don't forget your other usage on computers and phones, particularly when updates become available then you could be in trouble with 40 GB.

  Quickbeam 10:36 11 Sep 2018

How much data does W10 use a month for updating?

  Pine Man 11:19 11 Sep 2018

How much data does W10 use a month for updating?

About 3GB.

  Quickbeam 11:51 11 Sep 2018

I'll get onto Virgin this week. Plan B is feasible as the 40gb is plenty for my needs.

  lotvic 18:57 11 Sep 2018

Are you on Virgin Cable at the moment and thinking of changing to BT Outreach FTTC with EE or whatever other provider you decide on?

  Quickbeam 20:34 11 Sep 2018

I'm thinking of an EE data sim and freeview TV which gives of as much TV a the minimal Virgin TV package. I only watch about 10 hours of TV a week, but 40 or more hours of radio!

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