Mobile Broadband in the Canaries

  Teejay G 17:43 04 Jun 2011

I am thinking of buying a netbook and I would like to use it whilst I am in the Canaries to access the internet and use my email etc. I thought that my best bet was to buy a pay as you go dongle when I arrive in Tenerife and then use it there. Is this a sensible option? I am also unsure how payment would be made - is there some way of pre-loading it or is an account issued? Would this be done before I return home? Since I go to Tenerife more than once a year, could a pay as you go dongle be used say, every six months, or would I buy a new one each time I go on holiday? I currently use a 3G dongle for my broadband at home. Is it possible 3G could offer me anything useful?

  tenshin5426 21:06 04 Jun 2011

best advice is to purchase one when you get there otherwise you will be subject to roaming charges and the like.

any telecoms store should sell then for around a resonable amount and will work fine as most of them support the english language also,

  tenshin5426 21:08 04 Jun 2011

forgot to say you would just apply top up it everytime you go back and that should maintain constantly.

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