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Mobile Broadband

  pgj 11:40 01 Apr 2009

I have mobile broadband with 3. Today I tried to connect and did so successfully. However, when I check the connection to see my how my usage was going my 3 connection manager told me I was not connected?

How can this be? I am connected to the internet via my USB 3 modem not wifi and am surfing the net.

Can anyone help me understand this

  mgmcc 14:37 01 Apr 2009

When you install the 3 Mobile Broadband software, an entry is added in the Network Connections folder for a "Dial-up" connection. If you double click this, you will connect without having to use the Connection Manager, which may still show you as *NOT* connected, even though you are.

Additionally, if the Mobile Broadband is set as your default connection and in "Control Panel > Internet Options > Connections" you have selected either...

- Dial whenever a network connection is not present
- Always dial my default connection

...then as soon as you run a program that requires internet access (web browser, email etc), the Mobile Broadband will connect.

  pgj 22:42 01 Apr 2009

Ok I think that is exactly what happened as I was having trouble connecting or at least I seemed to connect but internet explorer was not accessing any sites. I was searching through connection setting and did click on the dial up.

Can you help with why I get a connection via the connection manager sometimes but cannot get on to the internet still? 3 continue to record usage but if I use the diagnose connection failure I'm told there is a problem and to check connection.

Any ideas?

  mgmcc 08:33 02 Apr 2009

It could be down to the mobile network being very congested. I haven't experienced being unable to open web pages, although speed tests can show varying results from about 1Mbps down to 200kbps, depending on the time of day. There are also going to be places where network congestion is worse than others.

  pgj 09:47 02 Apr 2009

mgmcc you are a star! Thanx mate.

I say can't open web pages - what I mean is internet explorer acts as if I'm not connected at all but 3 connection manager says I am.
As for location I am only ever in one of 2 places and both have proved to be excellent for connection most of the time

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