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mobile broadband

  ronec 10:48 24 Aug 2007

I need mobile broadband for my laptop. As I am new to this I cannot find any info' from 3G suppliers. Do I just purchase one of their modems and use my existing IP or does the modem supplier (Vodo' 02, 3 ) supply an e-mail address. Who do I subscribe to, is it my IP, modem supplier or both.
Any help?

  ronec 11:18 24 Aug 2007

Thanks Beta.
From that I presume I am just paying for air time as per my mobile phone to access my iP service.

  ronec 12:13 24 Aug 2007

thanks Thalmus.I have looked at 3 for £15.00 per month for 2gb a month. I think that could be ok.

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