mobile 128mb discs [pen shape]

  algo mas 00:43 15 Feb 2003

I've a chance to buy one of these usb type pen file storage devices for £40.00.[128mb]
A good price ?

  suburban train 01:04 15 Feb 2003

just had a loojk at click here and theres one for £50 , i would say good price, where are you buying from?

  jazzypop 05:56 15 Feb 2003
  Pesala 06:27 15 Feb 2003

128 Mbtyes USB pen drives for less than a 40 Mbyte hard drive a few years ago. Touted as a fast convenient way to transfer files.

CD-R about 35p each hold 700 Mbytes and weigh less than a pen drive. Very much faster too. I suspect you could fill a CD-R faster than a pen-drive.

  jimv7 08:10 15 Feb 2003

Very useful and a good price, as abolakrami has aksed, where from.

  Lead 09:39 15 Feb 2003

click here

I got one and I love it. I use it all the time as many of the files I need to transfer are too large for a floppy, but too small for a CD.

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