MMC and SD cards

  Dearersteak 23:43 21 Jul 2003

hi all, I'm asking on behalf of a friend, and kinda for myself too. My friend has a MP3 player he bought, Cost him a fair bit... and so at the time he could'nt aford a bigger memory card, and so at the moment, his using a 32mb... Which is good for about 6 songs. Anyway. He's thinking about ordering a New card But....

In the instrution manual, it says that the devices uses MMC cards... But some one told me that basicly, the SD and MMC are the same sort of thing! So If he brought a SD card, Would that work too?

Thing is, I have a Dell Axim PDA which has a SD slot to... so if i put a MMC card into it, Will that work?

Any input will be great, Thanks

  Stuartli 00:18 22 Jul 2003

Secure Digital and MultiMedia Cards are fully compatible - the only difference is that MMC cards are not as fast in operation; I use both in my Minolta Dimage E203 digital camera and rarely notice the difference in speeds.

  Stuartli 00:24 22 Jul 2003

I would have thought that just six MP3 songs on a 32MB card was way, way below expectations....:-)

  Dearersteak 01:53 22 Jul 2003

well, I'm not sure of the Bit rates of the songs, But he is into trances, and they thend to be fairly long songs... So that might explain it, Anyway, Question answered, Thanks all the same!

Hold up!

SOME devices that are designed for SD cards will accept MMC's but not all and SOME devices that are desigend for MMC's may not accept SDC's.

Trust me - been there and done that! Usually it is the device that is designed for the MMC's that will not accept the SD so wise to check first if you can.

  Dearersteak 15:24 22 Jul 2003

Ok, Cheers smiffy, Will get my friend to do some back ground researh first!, Thanks

  Stuartli 17:35 22 Jul 2003

My Minolta digital camera came with an SD card with the information that it is also fully compatible with MMC cards.

The MMC cards are slower, although I have never really noticed this as a problem whilst shooting.

  Stuartli 17:49 22 Jul 2003

Here's a comparison chart between the various memory cards available - it will be noted that SD cards vary very, very slightly in size etc from MMC and feature, for instance, read/write transfer rates that are three times faster.

click here

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