MMC and memory stick?

  7 03:33 26 Sep 2004

Hi!! i wanted to buy storage media MMC for Nokia 6600 and memory stick for Sony P100 camera.

1)I have checked the MMC card rate on ebay where it is cheapest for memory stick too.

2)i want to know that whether 1GB MMC card will work on Nokia 6600 and also the same that 1GB memory stick work on camera properly.

3?)Is it a good idea to buy sandisk memory stick rather than sony one or there is some difference?

4) is it OK to buy from ebay as both r much cheaper on ebay rather than other sires.

5) on MMC they say that it will be compatible with slot of SD like in PALM and Compaq PDA like ATI is the company which makes this statement so it is ok to but MMC card from MMC so that i can use it later on PDA if i buy either of them? or all MMC card are compatible on SD slot?

I know this is the question not to be asked in this forum but i didn't get the satisfactory ansers of theses questions anywhere.

thanku for reply.


  Diodorus Siculus 07:47 26 Sep 2004

2 - I don't know - check with manufacturer.

3 - sandisk is a good brand and I have a few of their SD cards which work very well.

4 - Buying from ebay involves all the risks of auctions sites - just be sure to buy from a seller with a good rating and remember that what you buy is not necessarily going to be new.

5 - MMCs are usually interchangeable with SD cards, but not always according to some reports I have read.

  Gongoozler 09:36 26 Sep 2004

Check the prices here to see how they compare click here. I have always had good service from 7dayshop, but as the goods are sent from Guernsey they take about a week to arrive.

  Stuartli 10:56 26 Sep 2004

Secure Digital (SD) and MultiMedia Cards (MMC) are usually compatible in most devices but it is not written in stone.

Most digital cameras that use SD cards will also use MMC equivalents (SD cards are encrypted for security as the name suggests). Manuals will provide the answer.

The price difference between (the superior) SD and MMC cards has closed dramatically in recent months.

Info on memory cards:

click here

  7 13:18 26 Sep 2004

which company is best in MMC and memorystick? and also wat is the meaning of transfer speed?

  Stuartli 13:36 26 Sep 2004

As with most computer products, many of the memory cards are from companies who rebrand another specialist manufacturer's products under their own name.

Transfer speed is exactly as stated - the speed at which data is transferred to/from the memory card and your system.

  7 18:22 26 Sep 2004

any more comments plz........

  7 22:54 27 Sep 2004

any more suggestions...........

  7 22:54 27 Sep 2004

any more suggestions...........

  Gongoozler 09:12 28 Sep 2004

Hi 7. I'm not sure what extra information you are looking for. I'm using a 128M memory stick from 7dayshop in my Sony DSC P71, as is a friend who bought one on my recommendation. Both have been working faultlessly for nearly 2 years. The brand name on my memory stick isn't one I'm familiar with, but of course the memory chip inside the stick is most likely made by one of the major chip manufacturers. As with many computer products the name stamped on the outside is probably just the name of the reseller.

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