mkv files stuttering and out of sync?!

  Andy 999 22:20 01 Feb 2009

Hi, how is everyone??

Basically, Im having a problem playing 720p files on my computer. My setup is:

Athlon 3200+ socket 754,
1.5gb ram,
x1950 512mb AGP GFX

Up until now, ive never had a problem with playback of 720p files. 1080 lagged but im presuming thats most likely my entire bottlenecked system. However, since i formatted my drive a couple of days ago, my videos lag. At first all my video files were distorted, so i changed my codecs etc. Now they play with the correct colours etc, but the video loses sync with the sound. My CPU usage is 100% and i cant think what ive done differently to before. Ive installed Core AVC but to no avail..

Any suggestions??


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