Mixing old DDR PC2700 memory with new DDR PC3200

  spindlefox 22:29 07 May 2006

My new machine has 512MB of DDR PC3200 - I have a 512MB stick of DDR PC2700 spare. I read somewhere that you can mix and match, but the system will run at the lowest speed of memory i.e. PC2700. Even allowing for this, is it still worth adding my old memory to the new PC? In other words is 1GB of PC2700 a considerable improvement over 512MB of PC3200?

  ed-0 22:30 07 May 2006

I would add the pc2700. If you multi task alot. You will see the benefit.

  curtis8345 22:30 07 May 2006

this is just an idea, they might be the same but i would choose the 1gb

  curtis8345 22:33 07 May 2006

i have the same problem with my laptop, it originaly came with a 512mb pc2100 and i bought another 512mb that is pc2700, what do you think i should choose

  Joe R 22:53 07 May 2006


the 1Gb of ram running at 333 will be a far bigger boost to your system, the 512Mb at 400.

  Joe R 22:54 07 May 2006

Typo, that should be "than 512Mb at 400"

  spindlefox 22:55 07 May 2006

Thanks all

  DieSse 00:17 08 May 2006

You can mix and match - but not on dual-channel system boards - and I always advise against it in all cases.

Some system boards that run very fast memory may not be very tolerant on timing mismatches. This my vary from maker to maker and board to board.

The very worst result that you may get is that the system will appear to work OK - but will suffer from intermittrnt, almost impossible to trace, problems.

Since it's not possible to predict which systems will work 100% with mismatched RAM, and which ones will not - I advise against it.

RAM is not expensive - sell your old stick and put the money towards a new matching stick.

  dms05 07:00 08 May 2006

curtis8345 - I think you will find a major difference between PC2100 and PC2700. PC3400 is faster PC2700 but I beleieve PC2100 is older technology and you can't mix with the later RAM types.

  Totally-braindead 10:36 08 May 2006

Try it and see, if the memory is the same just a different speed it will work and you call always remove it if it causes problems.
I have added faster memory to a slower PC, thats ok providing its compatible but have never tried it the other way round so DieSse may well be right it might cause you no end of bother.
Personally I wouldn't fit it, I would sell it and buy proper memory from Crucial but as I said you could try it and see what happens.

  ed-0 11:26 08 May 2006

spindlefox could post the make and model of the motherboard. Then any if's or buts could be sorted out and a concrete answer could be given.

two major considerations are If the board is dual channel and IF the cpu needs matched memory.

But in spindlefox's opening post it was said " I read somewhere that you can mix and match," This to me, hints that spindlefox has seen the above comment for the motherboard.

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