mixing memory question

  keatesy 20:13 18 Aug 2006

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. I am upgrading to an Asus A8N-E motherboard which will be fitted with an Athlon 64 x2 3800+ processor once i get the parts. My question is this, i have a 1GB stick of Kingston pc3200 400mhz CL3 ram and 2 x 512mb sticks of Hynix pc3200 400mhz CL3 ram, will these be compatible with each other. The reason i ask is at the moment i have an Amd Sempron 2500 and up till today when i received the 1GB stick i was using the 2 x 512mb sticks with no problems but then i stuck the 1GB and one of the 512mb sticks in together (only have two ram slots) and all seemed fine until i tried to access my cd drive but then everything froze. I then took out the 512mb stick and everything was fine again, so something is telling me that they are incompatible but is that just the motherboard im using now or will that always be the case. Apologies for the long thread but all the info provided should help in a speedy answer, thanks.

  Jak_1 20:26 18 Aug 2006

I don't see that there should be any compatability problems. What is the maximum RAM for the mobo though?

  GaT7 20:46 18 Aug 2006

As Jak_1 says, shouldn't be the memory, but you never know.

I've got couple of sets of 256Mb PC3200 memory: 2x256 are Hynix CL2.5 & 2x256 are Samsung CL3. They happily run in dual-channel mode without skipping a beat - system is very stable, been like this 13-14 months now.

Please let us know the motherboard make, model & BIOS version. Everest free ed click here should tell you all this info. G

  keatesy 20:54 18 Aug 2006

The Maximum memory for this mobo is 4GB. Could i run 2 x 1GB of Kingston on one channel and the 2 x 512mb of hynix on the other channel do you think?

  keatesy 20:59 18 Aug 2006

Exact specs for mobo are as follows:
Asus A8N-E socket939, NVIDIA nforce4 Ultra chipset, FSB 2000/1600MT/s, DDR 400/333/266,

  GaT7 21:02 18 Aug 2006

If you 'only have two ram slots' how are you going to fit 4 memory sticks in.

It appears your present motherboard/system are having this memory problem. All the memory may work fine in the upgrade to come - the Asus A8N-E. You wouldn't know until you tried it, would you? G

  keatesy 22:02 18 Aug 2006

My motherboard i have at the moment has 2 slots ie:i stuck the 1GB and one of the 512mb sticks in together. My new motherboard (Asus) has four slots and the reason i ask about the compatibility is i want to know wether i should buy another 1GB stick like the one i already have.

  GaT7 22:18 18 Aug 2006

No, see how it goes with sticking in whatever you have at the moment in the new mobo/system.

Put the 1Gb in the first slot (usually slot 0/slot 1 or similar) & the 2x512 in the slots next to it, leaving the last slot vacant.

If you have problems, take out the 512Mbs & test out the system. When you've determined the 'mis-matched' memory are most probably the cause of the problems get an identical 1Gb stick (same make & part number) if you must have 2Gb in the system.

Hope it works out alright with what you already have though, so you don't have any additional expenditure. All the best & keep us posted : ) G

  keatesy 23:07 18 Aug 2006

Cool, i think i shall try that then Crossbow7 thanks, i shall leave this thread open for now just in case someone out there has had the same sort of experience and can give me a definative answer.

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