Mixing different manufactures Products

  TomG 18:28 28 Oct 2005


I have a home network with all Belkin products. I have a pc without a usb connection and I want to connect it to my network by adding a card but I wondered if I could use a netgear game adapter? It connects to a games machine via an ethernet cable so this would also solve my problem. But will belkin and netgear work together (I have asked belkin if they have a similar product but they haven't replied yet)

  PaulB2005 18:47 28 Oct 2005

I use Buffalo, Belkin and NetGear products together with no problems.

Not sure if a "netgear game adapter" will work with a PC as it sounds like something for an Xbox or PS2?

  TomG 18:55 28 Oct 2005

Thanks - I was thinking it might because the connection is an ethernet cable

  Strawballs 00:05 30 Oct 2005

Should not make a difference, my router is Linksys my sons PC has a Novatech wireless card my laptop is HP wireless enabled and my daughters PC is connected direct to router by onboard ethernet port.

  Taff™ 12:35 30 Oct 2005

Me too - D-Link Router & Usb Adapter, A Belkin USB Adapter and a PCMCIA card which is neither!

  TomG 12:58 30 Oct 2005

Thanks all - I'm going to borrow a netgear game adapter to see if that works

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