Mixing DDR RAM Modules

  GRFT 11:47 31 Mar 2004

My system now has one 512mb PC3200 DDR. What would be the effect of adding my previous 2 x 256mb PC2100 DDRs?

  bananaslik 15:39 31 Mar 2004

hi i was running a ddr400 & a ddr 333 together without any probs,the only prob is that the higher ram will only run at the speed of the lower ram

  GRFT 15:45 31 Mar 2004

Thanks. If that's the only problem then I'll probably go ahead and fit them. But 1GB RAM seems a bit execessive!

  keith-236785 16:01 31 Mar 2004

GRFT, be aware that installing more that 512MB memory on windows ME, 98SE, 98, 95 will cause great problems, might even refuse to boot.

if you have NT, win2000 or winXP then go ahead. otherwise stick to 512 and sell the other two 256 chips.

good luck

  TomJerry 16:34 31 Mar 2004

All depend on your FSB frequency, if you run
CPU with 333MHz FSB, you have cpu and memory (higher speed one) speed in sync. When you put low speed ram in, cpu either run low frequency to sync with memory or cpu speed not sync with memory. The first case (low cpu speed) definitely reduce the performance, the second case also has an impact on performance (although not as big as 1st case).

Unless you do video editing, there is not much point to go over 512MB.

  GRFT 06:57 01 Apr 2004

Thanks. I guess I'll just sell the redundant modules then.

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