Mixing DDR?

  izzywish 18:57 09 Feb 2005

I have just got a new PC with 512Mb of pc3200 DDR in it, however in my old system I also have 1Gb of pc133. Am I best sticking in all 1-1/2 Gb @ pc133 or just keeping the faster stick of 512Mb?


Izzy Wish

  JonnyTub 19:01 09 Feb 2005

I'm stand to be corrected here, but i'm pretty sure your pc will default to the 133 speed.

A pc is as fast as it's slowest part.

  dan11 19:09 09 Feb 2005

When you say pc133, do you mean sdram or 2100 ddr ram?

If it is sdram, then no. Motherboards will not take a mixture of sdram and ddr ram.:-(

If it is 133Mhz pc2100 ram, then you would have to consult the manual. Most boards will allow slower and faster ram and as JonnyTub says the memory bus will run at 133Mhz X 2 = 266Mhz.

  izzywish 20:02 09 Feb 2005

Thanks for the responces. :-)
It is indeed DDR on both boards. I have actually done it already, however I am still unsure as to whether or not I benefit from a slow 1-1/2Gb of RAM as it forces all memory to the slowest speed(pc133), or the fast 512Mb(pc3200)?



  dan11 20:19 09 Feb 2005

I think you will get a lot more benefit from 1.5 gig of ram running at pc2100 speed, than 512Mb running at pc3200. It WILL run at 133Mhz for the 1.5 gig.

What you will have to check is that it has not forced the cpu clock speed down to the same speed i.e. 133Mhz ( 266Mhz bus speed).

If it has, then the bios will need to be altered.

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