Mixing Belkin and Linksys

  Reet 13:59 09 Apr 2004

I am trying to set up two new laptops that came ‘Wireless Ready’ and a three year old Medion Desktop PC so that we can share the internet connection

I have just purchased a Belkin ASDL Modem with built in Wireless Router to replace the one issued by Freeserve. I have installed a Belkin Wireless PCI Adapter in the Medion PC. Sadly, I didn’t realise I still needed an Ethernet cable to connect the Modem/ Router to the PC!

I do have a spare Linksys10/100 Lan Card left over from a previous unsuccessful attempt to network to an ancient Tiny PC.

Can anyone tell me if I can install this in the free PCI slot in the Medion and use the CAT 5E PATCH Cable supplied with Belkin ADSL Modem/ Router to complete the connection

I saw a Belkin USB Ethernet connection for about £20. Would this be a better choice?

I would be grateful for any help Thanks in advance

  AndySD 14:54 09 Apr 2004

You should have no problems with the Linksys10/100 Lan Card and the patch cable.

  John-259217 14:57 09 Apr 2004

When you say " I have installed a Belkin Wireless PCI Adapter in the Medion PC", I`m assuming you mean the adapter which takes the pcmcia card intended for a laptop computer?

If this is the case and you have a suitable pcmcia card inserted then you should be able to connect the Medion PC wirelessly the same as the laptops.

If you mean the "Belkin Wireless PCI card" then once again you should still be able to connect wirelessly.

Having said that its usually easier to set up the router with a cable connection initially as changes to the wireless settings will result in loss of connectivity to the PC attempting the set-up.

You should be able to use any make of LAN card with the router as they all follow set standards (some better than others tho :-)).

If your laptops have a 10/100 cable LAN socket available I would be inclined to connect this to the router and set it up first, then disconnect it and check the wireless connection is working.

Post back if you need further help as I think you have enough hardware to achieve what you want without spending any more money.

Good Luck


  Reet 19:27 10 Apr 2004

Thanks for confirmation. I tried installing the Linksys 10/100 lan card in the Medion Desktop PC, then attached the CAT5 Cable to the card and the Belkin Modem/Router. Nothing happened! No light came on in the LAN box,but all the lights were on in the ADSL box. Perhaps the card is damaged, it has been stored for quite awhile, although it was in its original wrapping and box.
Thanks for the response anyway it might just have worked

M73 john
I did mean Belkin Wireless PCI Card. Sorry. After my failure with the Linksys 10/100 Card
I took your advice to connect to one of the laptops using the 10/100 Lan cable. This seems to be working as all the computers now recognise the Belkin Modem Router and port 1 in the LAN box lights up.

I have got as far as “Configuring the Router”. However I now have another problem.
The instructions ask that you obtain from your ISP:
For PPPoE and PPPoA Users:
The VCI and VPI numbers.
Unfortunately Freeserve have no idea what these numbers are referring to and can’t help.

Any suggestions would be welcome as I don’t think Belkin will be available before Tuesday!
Regards Rita

  bremner 19:32 10 Apr 2004

I am slightly confused, you say

"I have just purchased a Belkin ASDL Modem with built in Wireless Router to replace the one issued by Freeserve. I have installed a Belkin Wireless PCI Adapter in the Medion PC. Sadly, I didn’t realise I still needed an Ethernet cable to connect the Modem/ Router to the PC!"

If you have a wireless router and a wireless network card in your PC then you do not need a wired connection

  PUNKA 20:36 10 Apr 2004

Reet, Having recently assisted someone in connecting a wireless modem/router we found a problem with connectivity, it was solved by a very helpful guy from Belkin who changed the settings in the Internet Connections.If I remember it was only by a few numbers but it did the job,sorry I cannot be of more help but it might put you on the right path.

  Reet 20:48 10 Apr 2004

Thats what I thought when I purchased the Belkin Modem Router. However, when I conected the RJ11 to the phoneline and the power line to the wall plug nothing happened. I just assumed that the cable supplied was for the main PC connection.
The next step in the instructions says Type in your browser anything else.i.e no www or http://. Nothing happened when I did this on the Medion Desktop or thr Medion Laptop. When I connected the cable to the Ferrari Laptop and typed the above instructions I got as far as configuring the Router. Then came the problemof the VCI and VPInumbers.

  bremner 20:57 10 Apr 2004

Ah yes.

To set up the modem router you do have to have a wired connection be that ethernet or USB once the router is set up then you can do away with the wired connection.

  Reet 21:31 10 Apr 2004

Punka, thanks for that information. It looks as though I might have to wait until Tuesday then!

Bremner, Thank you, you have helped to restore a little of my lost confidence!Iwas begining to thik I had bitten off more than I can chew! I will persevere a bit longer and hope a Knight or knightess will come and save me!
Regards Rita

  Reet 16:21 13 Apr 2004

Just to thank all for the response to this posting and to tell you it is now resolved.

After trying all over the holiday to get connected unsuccessfully I replaced the Linksys 10/100 card which I thought might be damaged with the spare one in the old Tiny.

I then decided to replace the ADSL filter supplied with the Actel modem with the one supplied by Belkin. I did this because it slid into the socket without the usual click!

I then restored the Belkin modem to the factory settings and started again and BINGO! It worked first timeThe desktop and one laptop on the internet. I will try the Medion laptop tonight
Regards to all

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