Mixed Windows 7 and XP Networks

  Peter Lanky 10:41 24 Oct 2009

I have a network of 3 PCs, one running W7 and the other 2 XP. When my W7 PC was running Vista, I had a network called 'Hubert'. When setting up W7, I was given a network name called 'Network' (how original) by default.

However, considering I was in a different network from the other 2 PCs, I could still see them and they could still see me, but I wanted to get things synchronised, so I changed my network to 'Hubert'. Unfortunately I then lost internet access, so I changed it back to 'network'. Just as an experiment I changed one of the other PCs to 'network', but all 3 PCs can still see each other.

When I looked at 'add a network place' on one of the XP PCs (I've not worked out how to do this yet in W7 - help please) I could see both 'Hubert' and 'network' networks, and the XP PCs were members of both!

Question. I want to have a single network called 'Hubert' on all 3 PCs. Is this reasonable, or do I forget the whole thing because it is actually working?

  Tech Guy 20:47 29 Oct 2009

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  martinhoods 22:42 31 Oct 2009

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