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  Kate B 15:02 20 Feb 2005

I'm new to this, so please forgive me if it's a dim question ... I want to set up a blog to be accessed via my domain name tht I can update using my iBook when I'm away. Is there software available to do this? I had a look at Wordpress but couldn't see if I could use it with my iBook.

  Taran 14:10 21 Feb 2005

Most blogging applications are proud of their cross browser/platform capabilities.

They rely on a web browser and little else - what you will need is a web server that supports the applications minimum requirements (usually PHP and MySQL).

I've played with quite a few blogging applications using Linux boxes, Macs and Windows computers abd they all coped fine with the actual blogging application through the browser.

Blogging is all well and good (if you like that sort of thing) but I have yet to understand why someone takes the time or has inclination to read about the day to day life of sombody else.

I just don't get it.

That's my rant done and dusted.

Web server specifications are the critical part of blogging - almost any web browser works fine with the mainstream blogging apps.

  Kate B 19:00 22 Feb 2005

hi Taran, thanks for that. I've since discovered Google's blogger which does the job nicely. I'm heading off on a new adventure - taking redundancy from the FT and plan to go travelling as well as re-think my career, so that's the reason for mine.

I'm also hoping to flog a "grown-up gap" column to another newspaper backed up by the blog, so it might even make me a bit of cash!

if you can bear it, it's here: click here

  Taran 01:08 23 Feb 2005

in that case, I wish you every success in your future career path, wherever it may lead you, and I hope you enjoy your travels.

You've rekindled something that's been preying on my own mind this last few months - and here I was thinking I'd finally managed to cure my wanderlust.

The present Mrs Taran will not be pleased if I start banging on about upping sticks and emigrating again, but at least I can legitimately say that it's all your fault for giving me the bug again...


Best of luck to you, and don't forget us.


  Kate B 01:17 23 Feb 2005

Thanks, Taran. I wouldn't necessarily have chosen redundancy - the FT restructured my job away from me - but now I'm going it seems absolutely the right thing to do, and a tremendous opportunity.

Mind you, the plan of taking lots of time off is already looking under threat: I had a call from the Telegraph today asking if I'd go in and do some freelance work for them ...

and how could I forget you all?? When I do head off I'll have the lappy with me.

And feel free to blame me if your wanderlust kicks in again. I think it's a good disease to have.

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