Mixed Network Setup--Please help

  Tugwilson 14:26 21 Jan 2006

I have a PC(winXP Pro SP2)connected to a wirless router by LAN cable.The PC also has a wireless card installed.the wireless router is connected to the internet through a 1 port ADSL modem.On my laptops i have wireless "PC" cards installed,They are running Win XP home SP2.Heres the problem-i can connect directly to the main PC using wireless and access all the shares with no problem, the same is true from laptop to laptop,(wireless is WEP enabled)and the other way around.But i cannot connect to the internet through the host machine,i have enabled connection sharing in favour of the wireless network but it wont work,Also,if i connect directly to the wireless router from the laptops i can connect to the internet but i cannot access the network.so the situation in brief is as follows,if i want the internet i connect(using wireless) to the wireless router,If i want the network i connect using wireless to the main pc.My idea was to access both the network and internet from the wireless router or as an extra option to do the same through the main PC.

What am i doing wrong? Im sure its not as complicated as i made it sound,I hope you can help

I think ive explained the situation i hope it isnt to mixed up to understand,

  mgmcc 17:33 21 Jan 2006

First and foremost, decide whether the desktop PC is going to connect to the router by cable or "wirelessly". If by cable, disable/unplug the Wireless Network Adapter because it should only have one connection to the "network" and that is via the router. The laptops also have only one connection to the "network", which is "wirelessly". This connection to the router should support both Internet access and File/Printer sharing.

The most common reason for PCs not talking to one another is a firewall issue, so make sure that any firewall software is configured to allow access to the networked computers. As you appear to have been running the network adapters in "Ad Hoc" mode for file sharing, it is possible that they are using different IP addresses when used this way than when connecting in "Infrastructure" mode to the router. Possibly, the IP addresses allocated by the router are being blocked by the firewall.

<<< .But i cannot connect to the internet through the host machine,i have enabled connection sharing in favour of the wireless network but it wont work >>>

When using a router, you *MUST NOT* have Internet Connection Sharing enabled on any connection in any of the PCs. There is no "host" PC and there are no "client" PCs. All PCs connected to the router have an equal status in the network and get their internet access over the LAN from the router and quite independently from any other computer in the network.

  Tugwilson 18:17 21 Jan 2006

Thanks for the help but it still wont have it,The "PC" is connected by cable to the router(the PC wireless is disabled),The laptop is conected by wireless to the router,But i still cant find the network.although i can connect to the net on the laptop.

  mgmcc 19:54 21 Jan 2006

What do you mean by not finding the network? In "My Network Places" are you unable to find the "Workgroup" that the computers are in, or do you find it but are then denied access when you try to access a particular computer?

Try this in each computer:
Open the Network Connections folder, right click the Local Area Connection and select Properties. Highlight "Internet protocol (TCP/IP)" and click the Properties button. Click the Advanced button and, in the next box, select the WINS tab. Select "Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP" and click OK back through the boxes.

Also try using the Windows "Search" facility to find one of the networked computers by name.

  Tugwilson 12:37 22 Jan 2006

Thanks for your help,i will try this as soon as i can,i have another family crisis i must attend to,if you dont mind i will return to you as soon as i can.Thanks

  Tugwilson 11:27 25 Jan 2006

Sorry for taking so lond to get back to you, What i mean to say is that i cannot find the main PC from the laptop,I have tried the steps you explained but still cannot find the PC

  mgmcc 20:58 25 Jan 2006

Can you "ping" the main PC from the laptop?

  Tugwilson 13:28 26 Jan 2006

i started from scratch following the advise that you have allready given,and now it works,Thanks a million for your help,Im not sure what has changed but the problem has gone.Thanks again

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