Mitsubishi diamond pro monitors

  Rowey 12:47 08 Dec 2003

Can anyone tell me where i can buy a 17" diamond pro750sb?

If not, is there any difference between the 740sb and the 750sb?

looking for one in black with a silver front, but can't find one anywhere!

please help!!!!!

  wags 13:15 08 Dec 2003

I have a nasty feeling that they have been discontinued, which is a shame as Mitsubishi make first rate CRTs.
click here if you can stretch to a 19". This is a great monitor and in the colour you want !

  Rowey 13:30 08 Dec 2003

Thanks for the reply.

The monitor is for a friend, building a pc for him. 17" is big enough for him, im looking at the 19" version for me though.

Seems mad that PC Advisor have this monitor at the top of their charts and you can't buy it anywhere!

  JIM 14:02 08 Dec 2003

Agree with wags = discontinued but you may still find one at ebuyer though i had to search within ebuyer, and only the for 740SB.

Mitsubishi 17ins Diamond Pro 740SB Monitor 0.25dp 1600x1200 3yrs on-site warranty

Our Price £149.99 £176.24 inc VAT

ordered on request (3 days)

QuickFind code: 29201

Mfr part #: 60000571

click here

click here

  Rowey 14:04 08 Dec 2003

Just been looking at those as it happens.

Is this not the 750SB pro?

click here

or quick link - 40567

  JIM 14:15 08 Dec 2003

Your dead right.This cought me out,= Mitsubishi PR"O"750 17ins. blind as well :)

Had a look also on the site of nec/Mitsubishi products,and they are not listed,so still think they are being discontinued,not that it matters.

  Rowey 14:21 08 Dec 2003

Cool, so is this the daddy then?

I've seen black versions similar to the 930SB black, but i'll think myself lucky i found this one.

Is the 940sb the replacement to the 950?

I had a look at the website too, they don't mention a 17" crt! i feel some updates are required!


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